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Getting Excited

Last night I was in such a good mood and optimistic about today. Then we got up this morning. The simpler the plan the more that seems to go wrong. Lol. Moose wouldn’t eat his breakfast, Stella got caught with some suet she got from somewhere (there is none out because my neighbor had the bird feeder and was fixing it for me), I forgot I said I would do a load of laundry when I got up and then the laptop doesn’t want to load properly (I even ran the cleaning programs)…

On the side of good I got a lot accomplished last night including getting more work done on one of the novels and a bunch of stuff around the house got cleaned and/or picked up. Bills got paid and things generally caught up. The big thing is that my neighbor fixed my bird feeder. So now I can fill it and hang it out! Yay!

I have my little to do list for today as well. My meeting is at 9am and then I do all my running in Traverse. Once I get home I will write my articles and send them in (I had a meeting last night). I am very excited about getting back to my fiction. I like my storyline and the story itself. My big problem is I have been writing articles for so long that I am used to boiling things down to their simplest form and not adding to it to make it bigger. So a lot of what I am doing now is making copious notes as to what happens in the story or how things happen in the story. Then I will try to flesh parts out. I am really excited about the whole thing to honest.

Hang on. I’ll be right back…. It was time for Moose’s second medication. I’m pretty sure my dogs can read clocks. Moose knows what time his medicine is due and always seems to come and find me at that time to remind me.

I see by the tick tock that it is time for me to roll. Thanks for reading ad stay safe! I hope you enjoy the photos of this morning’s sunrise. I took these with my phone camera.

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Time… Where? What?

Where has all the time gone? It seems to be not only passing but picking up speed as it goes! Even times that it seems to drag I will look up and time has still gone by at a good clip. The year is almost gone. We all wonder what 2021 has in store for us after everything that has happened in 2020. I wonder how many of us will actually set goals beyond surviving 2021 for the new year.

I am getting my broken bird house fixed today! I posted on Facebook asking if someone could recommend some place local to get a new bird house since mine was missing a side and couldn’t hold food beyond a packet of suet (apparently the other side that Stella tore part way off has come off completely now). My neighbor across the street said that he would fix it if I left it by his garage. Yay! I will have to get a bag of seeds for the birds and more suet. I am very excited!

Aaaaaand I gotta wrap this up. I didn’t realize how “late” it was. Chris is up (new schedule at work the poor guy) and I have to give Moose his second medicine before I head out the door to work. And drop off the bird feeder. Sorry this is so short. I hope everyone has a great day! Stay safe and thanks for reading!

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Options Options

The start of a busy day. The kids are back asleep. Essie won’t eat. I think she has an upset tummy. Moose keeps trying to eat his sisters’ food and I have to remind him that it makes him sick so if he wants to eat he needs to eat what is in his bowl. After this little speech he usually eats atleast part of his meal. Stella has been actually taking her time when she eats lately. No more of the furious gulping down of food.

I sat down and tried to figure out my Christmas shopping. Most of it is done but I do want to pick up a few more things here and there. I want to set a time to get together with Mom for a bit and exchange gifts.

I think I have Moose’s medicine schedule for the day in my head properly. I decided to just take it day by day since it can be so damn confusing with the timing of each medicine and trying to work around my work schedule. I had to call the vet again yesterday afternoon AGAIN since no one called me to with test results. Grrrr. Since they got their new staff members I haven’t been happy there. But I don’t want to throw my hands up and walk away after over 20 years there.

I have my meeting in another hour. This is the one meeting that for whatever reason has been in person through the whole pandemic. But it will be a nice drive in the Subie. I am looking around my office for music to bring with. I can actually have time to listen to more than one or two songs before I have to stop the car and get out. I’m not sure what to bring though.

This morning is dark dark. Someone said snow before the week is out. But the question is will it stay? So far it hasn’t even when it has been colder temperatures. We shall see. I still need to clean the garage out enough to get the vehicles inside. I especially want to make sure to sweep and get up any stray nails from the repairs. I would also like to at the very least replace some of the old and/or broken stuff on the Pearl this winter. I know that I need to go through her engine but if I can get some of the little things done maybe I can work up to that. I have the space heater from the trailer and there is a full tank of propane for it so I can heat the garage if needed.

I am happy to report that I was looking at the wrong schedule for tomorrow (why they put both of us, Jen and Jennifer, right beside each other on the schedule is a mystery). Jennifer is the one working at 6am. I work at 10am and get out at 6pm, just in time to fly home and feed the dogs before the meeting. Fortunately this is a Zoom meeting.

I see by the clock that I need to give Moose his next medication and get ready to get out the door. Thanks for reading ! Have a great day and stay safe!

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Busier than busy

We are getting up earlier so that I have enough time to give Moose both his meds before I leave for work. This means an extra 15 minutes awake. This morning I had to get Moose out of bed. The girls had come out already and were eating. I was frustrated because I had to make sure he got his first medication in enough time for me to wait over an hour to give him the second medication just before I leave. I wanted to be in bed too but we were up early for him. But he was good about taking his medicine.

I have been awake since 2am which doesn’t bode well for the rest of the day. I may need to get some energy drinks (I’m drinking coffee with white chocolate raspberry creamer as a treat) at work. I have a meeting tomorrow morning then work at 1:30pm to close. Then I am back at work at 6am on Wednesday. So at one point I need to write the article for that meeting. I have a night meeting on Wednesday. Aaaand I just realized that I still have last week’s article to write. Crap.

My little coffee talk with my coworker went really well. We had a good long talk about a lot of things. I’m not sure what prompted her to tell me all that she did. She has had a lot happen to her. She has three sweet dogs and a very nice husband. They both used to ride Hondas so I am a shoe in to the family, lol. I said I would ride Rogue over one day so he could see him. If the weather holds out I can do it now. I have heated gear and there is no snow to speak of. Anyway she and I had a good talk and exchanged very similar stories which was a bit wild. She made me a beautiful bowl from stones/rocks (I have no idea what the difference between the two is).

Well nuts. That went quickly. I need to wrap this up, medicate Moose and fly put the door. I hope everyone has a great day! Stay safe and thanks for reading!

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Going Nowhere

This morning is as dark as I feel. Why do we do things that we know will hurt us? Just for the thrill? Just to see if just this once it might end differently? I get so mad at myself but then I turn around and do the same stupid thing again. What do you do to stop the cycle?

I am going over to a coworker’s house for some coffee before work this morning. I don’t really want to go. And it is nothing to do with her. I just want to stay home. But I told her yesterday I would stop by for coffee so I do need to go.

I am looking at the clock and I need to get going if I am going to give Moose his medicine and such before I leave. I will share some photos from yesterday. The bird feeder got very popular as the day went on. Thanks for reading and stay safe.

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Putting the Bits and Bobs Together

A day off. Yay! I need to try to relax today. Dad and I are going to chat and I think I might do some stuff around the house. I also need to spend more time with the family. I’ve got all three dogs in here looking for attention… Moose and Stella have laid down on the floor. Chris and I need some time together too. So we’ll see how the day pans out.

I got some more holiday gifts ordered yesterday before work. I am still trying to figure out what to do for people. I don’t want to get al kinds of stuff but what I do get I want to mean something. Or at the very last something they can have fun with. Dad is the only one that wants practical stuff. His Amazon list is clothes. And there is nothing he needs or wants so I guess clothes it is. Oooo but I do have the two movies I can get him. Again. This will be the fourth time and no more. If he loses them again he will have to replace them himself.

I am a bit concerned as we had a customer yesterday that came in to shop who should’ve been at home in quarantine. Her daughter had been diagnosed with COVID and she lives with her (this is an older lady) and she decided to come in and shop. This is a recent diagnosis like within the past few days. So we wiped down what we could after she left and when I got home I washed all my clothes as soon as I pulled them off and hopped into the shower. I guess the store manager talked to her but I’m not sure if she got escorted out before she bought her groceries. Fun, fun, fun!

Work was pretty fun as I got to restock shelves. I have always enjoyed putting truck away. Even at Younker’s. I bagged a little, learned a few new things to do and put stock away. It is also nice because I can learn where stuff is.

I am very upset with our vet. She was supposed to call me with the results of Moose’s tests yesterday (especially the lumps we found) and nothing. So I called on my break at work. She had already left for the day. I’m sorry? What?! Apparently I sounded a bit pissed off so the tech put me on hold and when she came back said that it looked like they were just fatty lumps but if they weren’t the vet would call me Monday. Gee thanks.

Looking outside I have only seen the woodpeckers at the suet I put out. I wonder if the “new flavor” doesn’t appeal to the feathered crowd around here. I got one of each that was available. So I guess I will have to just get two at a time both the same flavor and see which ones they prefer.

I see that I have gone on for rather a long time here. My mind is kind of all over this morning. I think I’ll stop here for now. Thanks for reading and as always stay safe!

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I find myself at a crossroads this morning. I have gotten little to no sleep last night due to being sick. Breakfast for the kids took me closer to 20 minutes because of constantly running to the bathroom. I close tonight at work. Do I call in or work and hope for the best? My stomach etc seems to have settled down. I am afraid to try to eat anything. Tonight at work should be interesting regardless because I am learning a new job and I am the only one there to do it. There are things about the job that I have no idea how to do and since I am the only carry out once I get there… I guess we’ll see. It’s too late to call in anyway. I try to call atleast two hours before my shift so they can find a replacement. Hopefully I don’t come home early.

I am also waiting on a phone call from Moose’s vet. We found two lumps on him (one I found yesterday morning) and they are being tested for cancer. He is also on new medicine for the next 10 days to see if he has a stomach ulcer. The new medicine has to have every 8 hours AND he can’t have it within an hour of his other medicine. So.

On the plus side he loves riding in Angus. Moose just settled in the back seat and laid there pretty much the whole time. I had to stop to give my meeting schedule for next week at work and he didn’t even sit up when I came back to the car. He just wagged his tail and stayed laying down in the back seat happy as a clam.

Ok. WordPress is doing some weird things as I type and it is making it twice as hard to get this written. And I want to spend some time with the kids before I go to work. So I’m going to wrap this short entry up. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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What We Can Learn

This morning is the opposite of yesterday. As bright as it was the shadows today are darker. The sky looks cold and about to cry. Essie doesn’t feel well this morning. She didn’t eat breakfast and has been outside several times. Moose and Stella are curled up in the pile of blankets on the couch. I need to pull out two of those blankets to go in my car, Angus, soon. Moose needs to go to the vet this morning to get further tests on his kidney disease. His medicine should arrive today as well. Lol. I just let Essie back in and she made a beeline for the couch and is currently looking for a spot to lay with her siblings.

As I was watching and chatting with customers it struck me that all the “old” people were once young and all the young people will (possibly) become old. I listen to the stories of the older folks and laugh with them at the antics they got away with when they were younger. Then there are the older ones that flirt shamelessly cheeky monkeys that they are. They all have stories to tell. They have lived adventures we never can, survived things that we can’t understand. To ignore them is a shame on us. No matter how old they still have things to teach us.

And the young do too. They can teach us how to live life instead of worry about every little thing (although the pandemic is making a lot of them grow up and worry too soon). Thy remind us that we have imaginations that can take us anywhere, we just need to follow our hearts.

I guess the point is that we can still learn from each other. If we make the effort. Stay safe and thanks for reading.

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Feeling a Bit Blah

Despite getting sleep over the past few days I am feeling rather poorly. But I need to keep moving forward. There are things to do and no rest for the wicked. Work has been slowing down quite a bit. Last night we got out an hour early because everything in the deli was done and clean. We had to fill in things here and there but nothing major, especially with three people in the deli.

Still no word from the friend who wants back into my life. I’m not on social media as much as I was so if he expects a rapid response he will be disappointed. If he still works his same hours they are the complete opposite of mine right now. He is going to bed when I get up and vice versa. Time will tell I guess.

My two articles were a hit. I will share the links. The editor misspelled my last name even though I corrected him after the first misspelling. Despite that if I can get more gigs that are like that (interesting yet not a strain to fit in) I might do some more. The Horror Tree – Horror Tree is a resource for authors that lists open markets, articles, interviews, original fiction, and more! I wrote the one on R.L. Stine and the one on Penguin/Random House buying Simon & Shuster.

The woodpeckers seem to be especially happy when I put suet out. The days are getting cold enough that the ice I tossed from the bottom of the freezer is still out there in one piece. Nothing has melted. The sun is out today so we’ll see if that will do anything.

I apologize for such a short post. I just can’t seem to focus very well this morning. I will add the links and some photos I took this morning. The clouds looked kind cool this morning when I let the dogs out. I hope everyone has a great day! Stay safe!