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A Quick Rush of Words

Only a few hours of sleep. I got home later than normal from work (I was at the gas window so there is more to do at night) and so Moose’s medicine schedule was off so we didn’t get to bed until late. I didn’t do any extra writing. I spent time with Chris. We talked as we rewatched CSI.

I have friends at work that really want to be friends and some of them try too hard. And then I feel guilty because I am trying to be friends but it is starting to feel forced. She is an awesome person and we can sit and talk for hours about anything but I don’t do talking on the phone a lot and all I have is her land line. She recently hurt her knee and seemed to want to be left alone but I feel as though I should call her to check on her because that’s what friends do. Part of my problem is that I never remember when it is convenient to call. It’s not like I can shoot a quick text message and ask her if she’s ok (and she can read it whenever). I guess I should try to remember to call after work today since I get out early.

I am looking forward to Christmas this year because I have Christmas AND the day after off. Which means I can try to catch up on my sleep. I am really looking forward to that. And even more than that I can’t wait for Chris to use his Christmas present! I am grateful I can get him something big (with the help of Mom) that he really wants.

I should wrap this up and get ready for work. I see that I’ve not taken any photos so I will try to remedy that later today. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Looking Through the Fog

Another dark morning. It is warm enough outside that the snow is melting and we are getting a thick fog. This morning is a rather blah morning. I got sleep but it was not a good sleep. Essie did not eat anything until late last night but Moose did eat both his meals. He wouldn’t eat this morning and I wonder if he doesn’t like the canned food. I didn’t put any thing but egg in the kibble for breakfast and then chicken broth for dinner. This morning I used canned and nothing doing. Sooooo… I guess I will try to find a different type of canned dog food for him.

I decided that I need a new routine. My morning routine is all well and good but that is my only routine. I need to incorporate one that I do my writing. If I don’t specifically say I am writing at this time (like I do for my blog) it will never get done. I will plan to do it at one point over the course of the day but I will never get to it (like yesterday). Since I have to wait an hour after Moose gets his first dose medicine before I can give him his second one I decided that in that hour of waiting I will work on my writing. Not journaling but I will pull out one of the novels and write. Even if I only get through a page of writing it will be something. I will give myself a break when I have a meeting to cover for the paper (if I need it).

Everyone seems to be getting into the holiday spirit here. I’m not necessarily bah humbug (atleast not all the time) but I really just want it over with. After working at Younker’s for so long I can’t shake the stressed out feeling that we got every year. Constant Christmas music doesn’t help but the stresses are definitely not there to sell, sell, sell. Christmas just doesn’t mean much to people anymore. I suppose things might be a little different this year with the pandemic and all. And I am not talking religious beliefs either (I am trying to stay off my soap box when it comes to that). I am talking just spending time with family and friends. The gifts don’t matter but spending time with loved ones does. Sure I like the excuse to get things for my loved ones but it shouldn’t be necessary.

I read all the other blogs and they write about things to help others and I sit here and essentially whine and talk about myself. Am I helping others? I don’t know. Maybe. Even if it is as simple as someone reading this and knowing that they aren’t alone in how they feel.

Looking at the clock (and the amount of in and out from the pups) I should wrap this up. Thanks for reading and stay safe.


Happiness is….

It is dark enough outside that I have to have a light on in my office. The snow is trickling from the clouds. I think it will be a dark day… outside. Last night and this morning have gone pretty well if I do say so. Moose has not only taken his meds without me wearing most of it but he has also eaten his breakfast. Pardon… Stella really really wants to play this morning. I am trying to keep her quiet but she wants to play tug of war which means growling and sounding vicious. Lol. I wouldn’t do it out in the living room because I didn’t want to wake Chris so she followed me into my office and set it in my lap. Stinker. Anywho, so Moose is improving. When I got home yesterday from work I found my Supernatural box waiting for me (for those that don’t know Supernatural is an amazing television series that just ended after 15 years). It is a quarterly box off goodies related to the series. I had almost forgotten that I’d ordered it (this was done back in September). I am writing this in my new holiday sweatshirt with my new scarf around my neck. These are the two favorite pieces from the gift box. Other things included are holiday cards, a cookie jar, a Christmas ornament, a small holiday charm and a small figurine of one of the main characters (this is the only piece I really don’t like because it looks nothing like the actor or the character).

To add to the happiness of the day I finally got my digital books to download on to my Kindle. Apparently my Kindle address has been changed so that when I downloaded a document it went to the old email. So I sent everything to both the old and new emails and VOILA! They downloaded! I also got an email that said something about making things easier for me next time that they were linking up both emails etc, etc (why it was changed in the first place but whatever I have things working now). The upshot of all this is that I now have 12 new novels to read in my Kindle. Yay!

Another bit of goodness arrived in the form of my horror writing classes. I had no link nor any information so I emailed them a few days ago and received a response and a link yesterday. When I finish this I plan to head over there and print what I can and maybe even watch a few videos.

Today’s goal is to relax. I was able to get good solid sleep last night (my body wants more but I needed to get up to give Moose his medicines) so I still feel as optimistic as when I went to bed. Having the day off helps too. My next day off is Friday but then I do have two days in a row off (for the first time since I hired in). Regardless I hope to enjoy today for what it is.

I did get some photos taken yesterday that I will share. I think I will wrap this up so I can delve into the horror class work. Thanks for the support and for reading! Stay safe!

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This Momma is stressed out and ready to cry. Moose isn’t happy and won’t eat again. I was able to coax him to eat dinner last night. But having to squirt two of him medicines down his throat isn’t working for either of us. I don’t know what else to do. Whenever I have tried putting it in milk lately I have had to dump because he won’t drink it. Last night was a disaster. When I got home I had to give him one dose of medicine and feed everyone. An hour later a second dose. Then yet another hour had to pass so I could give him his last dose (atleast these pills I could put into a hot dog for him). I ended up wearing a lot of his medicine last night. And the white medicine acts like a bleach to one’s clothes.

I was finally able to get to bed around 11pm. Between Moose’s three medicine doses and Chris coming home I couldn’t get to bed any sooner. I was awake (ok, I opened my eyes) just before my alarm at 4:30am. I have to be to work at 6am but Moose has to have two doses of medicine before I go to work. I get out at 3pm but that feels so very far away right now.

I keep telling myself I have tomorrow off…. I have tomorrow off. No plans. Hopefully sleep. They were commenting last night that I looked pale and that I was going to make myself sick (the boss ordered everyone food from a local restaurant and I didn’t get anything because I wasn’t hungry and nothing stays in very long anyway). Right now I want nothing more than to go back to bed for a few hours. This lack of sleep is really doing me in.

I don’t have any new photos to share. I haven’t had a chance to take any photos. I will repeat some that I have shared before. I hope you like them (again). Thanks so much for reading and stay safe!

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Putting It Together Piece By Piece

How does one go to bed with a wonderful attitude and looking forward to the day wake up grumpy? I went to bed happy and excited and this morning…. Last night I did a big thing for myself. I purchased a current copy of WordPerfect. I have wanted to replace my old copy for years now but not had the money. This time I had the money and the price was waaay too good to pass up. Less than $100. The program has gone for around $250. The purchase of WordPerfect is a further step for me down my writing path. I don’t have to count each word in my articles for the paper anymore. The program will do it for me. AND I got the professional version because it has an e-book section. So the plan is to start putting my two finished novels into the laptop (saving on a memory stick as I go) and once I finish editing see if I can epublish them. I might even try to put together something from all my photos. So I really did fall asleep with visions of sugar plums in my head!

I think part of the whole thing is Moose. I don’t like having to squirt the medicine down his throat any more than he likes having me do it. But he refuses to take it in milk of any kind (I even tried a new brand to see if that would help) and he is eating less and less. After I finish writing this I am going to run to the vet to get the pink medicine for him. Since he was actually eating on a regular basis when he was taking both medicines this tells us that he has stomach ulcers. I am going to be getting further instructions from the vet when I pick up the meds.

Another part is Mom is freaking out about things she is doing as she gets older. When we first moved here we told her she was welcome to stay with us. We have 5 acres and she can build her a small house on the property. Well she wants to take us up on the offer. And that is fine. But there is a lot of work to be done to figure out where and when and if we can build. That whole situation is becoming overwhelming. But once the New Year rolls over I need to start making phone calls to get someone out here to mark our property lines then start calling around to find out what we need to do to get things started.

I am looking at the clock and I need to get going so I can make it to the vet’s office and back before Chris leaves for work. I don’t have to be to work until 2pm so I have some time yet. I will try to add some more photos from the other day and not duplicate. When I upload things it doesn’t tell me what I already have on here and I can’t do it and see what I have on my laptop so I apologize for any duplicates. Thanks for reading and all your support! Stay safe!

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Finding the Way

I need to figure out what I am doing. With everything. Because I’ve not been feeling well I’ve not been pushing myself as much. Not on here nor pursuing other stories I could write (both fiction and non). What I have been doing in focusing more on the home and family. Which is good but I need to do more. I have ideas…. but will I follow through? Not feeling like I do.

Yesterday was not a total disaster. I got quite a bit done around the house. Trimmed the kids toe nails, repotted the mums (I lost one of my aloe plants and it was in a big pot), did laundry, did dishes, vacuumed…. you get the idea. I tried to pace myself over the course of the day. I have been trying to make myself do that so I don’t overwhelm myself.

I talked to Moose’s vet yesterday. I will go and pick up more of the pink medicine for him tomorrow morning. The medicine is to help possible stomach ulcers heal. We think that is why he has been doing the “juicy urps” and not wanting to eat. He won’t take his other medicine now either. I have to squirt it down his throat and hope for the best. He gets the juicy urps and that sometimes results in him bringing up whatever he just ate. He did eat dinner last night but he refused more than a few mouthfuls this morning of breakfast. I am at a loss. I had to switch back to the other special kibble we had for him because they are out of stock of what we are currently using. I got a small bag. Is it that he doesn’t like the food? Is it because he can’t eat? I just don’t know what to do.

I played with both my cameras yesterday. We had some moments of sunshine and I tried to see if I could get some with it reflecting off of ice and snow. I also tried (to no avail) to get a photo of snow falling. Or a drip from a melting icicle. I even tried a few new settings but no joy. So I guess back to the book. I will share what I have (the bird feeder was busy) with photos. Let me know what you think. Suggestions are also welcome. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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A Crappy Start

It has been a very frustrating morning. I was awake by 5am. I was able to coax myself to another hour of sleep but I guess I should’ve just stayed awake. That hour did nothing to help. Moose won’t drink his medicine mixed with milk so I had to shoot it down his throat. Not sure how much actually made it in him. Then he won’t eat breakfast. He doesn’t like the food. I even put egg in everyone’s meal. So I’m not sure what to do. I guess I’ll go get some burger to mix in with dinner.

I’m writing this on my phone because my laptop won’t work. It is taking forever to load and when it does get online it freezes up and I have to start all over again. The third time was NOT the charm. So I sit here angry and feeling useless.

Last night did end on a sweet note. A good friend that I haven’t seen since this whole pandemic started stopped by with a Christmas card and a hug.

I’m not going to try to do more on this today. Thanks for reading. Stay safe!

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Making the Time

I had a nice surprise when I got home from work last night. I was able to park Angus in the garage! Now I have to remember to start parking him in there when I get home. It will be a bit of a change but no more scraping off the car when it snows! Yay! The only trick will be to not freak out that my car isn’t in the driveway when I go out there. Lol.

I will be grateful to get home tonight after work. My sleep is off enough that it is starting to show in other parts of my life. So tonight will be an early to bed night. I have tomorrow off so I can even sleep in if I want to.

The past few Sundays I have been bringing home a copy of the New York Times. It is a nice fat collection of reading. And it has things for both Chris and I to do aa well as read. I usually try to read the paper over a couple of days. The games (I am trying my hand at the famous crossword puzzle this week) I work on over the week. This week’s paper had a whole section of games etc that I gave to Chris to do. I am doing the crossword from their magazine.

Speaking of puzzles the 3D shark puzzle is still coming together. I am pretty much on my own. I didn’t realize that Chris wasn’t that big into puzzles like that. Ah well. I try to do a little each day. I have most of the border done. The problem comes in when I work too much on it then my back let’s me know. And my back has been unhappy the past few days so I’ve neglected the puzzle.

I need to get myself together and get out the door (self, remember the car is in the garage…). Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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A Little Feels Like A Lot

This morning is a late post. Despite going to bed early I still feel as though I’ve gotten very little sleep. The snow fall lasted pretty much the whole day and slacked off as night came on. We probably got pretty close to a foot. It is almost up to Essie’s belly. Despite that the kids were in and out playing over the course of the day.

I didn’t do much other than read yesterday. I did pull the camera out a lot to take photos. I’ll share a few each day as I seemed to have gone a bit overboard, lol. The bird feeder has been pretty busy with the weather change. I am trying to keep an eye on it to make sure it stays filled. So far so good.

I am trying to think of positive things to write here. It is difficult this morning. Moose wouldn’t eat breakfast again. I am at a loss as to what to do. Speaking of which hang on. He needs his second dose of medicine. ….. It’s a little later. I actually got Moose to eat his breakfast. Once he started I had to stay because he would follow me and leave his food then Stella would move in and eat it all. Poor Moose was shaking really badly when I went to give him his medicine (this is the stuff that I have to shoot down his throat). There are only two more doses left. So Monday I need to call the vet to see what we are doing. Are we continuing with both medicines or going back to just the one?

Well Chris is awake so I guess I will wrap this up for now. I’ll add a few photos from yesterday and then post. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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A Day to Just Be (and Our First Serious Snow)

The snow is falling thick and fast. I did some grocery shopping after work last night… just in case. Out here in the Great White North you never know if you may lose power or get snowed in. We have a bunch of water and we have a gas stove so we should be good for all the basics like cooking, drinking and I did laundry last night so that I had clean clothes for work tomorrow. It will be the first snow drive for Angus and I. I am kind of excited. Especially since work is close. It makes such a huge difference (that and actually liking your job).

We have the potential to get up to a foot of snow (.30 meter) today and tonight. You know I haven’t heard any cars go by at all. Atleast people are staying home of they can. I’m pretty sure in Traverse it is business as usual. I love that about the area. People stay home if they can in inclement weather. They don’t decide to go shopping because they have the day off due to weather. There was a lot of that when Younker’s was open.

Today is a lazy sleepy day. Moose is in here with me snoozing. The girls are in the living room. I am glad that I took care of both articles yesterday morning (about three hours of work). I can relax today and enjoy staying home. Some of the groceries I got are comfort food yet still good for me. The best example is my instant Cream of Wheat. I could live on that as a kid. I even had my on special pan to make it in (not the instant back then). I was talking with some of my older customers last night and we got talking about favorite foods this time of year. Mostly breakfast foods lol. Another favorite of mine and theirs seemed to be the big biscuits of shredded wheat. I remember Mom warming milk up on the stove and then pouring it over the biscuit and letting it soak in. So good on a cold winter morning!

And I think now I’m going to leave off this and go enjoy the day. Maybe even nap (I can hear my husband gasping as he reads this). I have taken a few photos as the snow has been coming down. So I hope those of my readers who don’t get snow enjoy them. Thanks so much for taking time out of your day to read this. Stay safe!