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All About Dogs

Normally at this time it is becoming light out but this morning it is still dark dark dark. It started snowing again last night. We got a few inches of snow but nothing major. I got a weather alert on my phone last night (versus getting a warning).

I have been up since 6am. I stayed in bed (mostly, I got up for the bathroom as did the dogs at various times). Stella barely ate any of her breakfast. That never happens. She is curled up on the love seat sleeping. Moose at about half of his after he got his medicine. Essie is the only one who ate everything. So.

My anxiety stayed with me for most of the day yesterday. Moose didn’t eat any breakfast but still got sick. I called the vet immediately. I (again) explained what was going on and that I needed to know what to do. The vet tech (again) took the information down like I was leaving a phone message. But this time the vet called back. Our regular vet was off for the week and well ended up with the vet that took care of Essie with her cancer surgeries. Relief! At one point I was tearfully thanking her for actually calling and talking with me to figure out what to do for Moose. The results of this conversation are Moose is on a bland diet of rice and beef (it could be chicken if we wanted). Chris went out and got some beef stock (low sodium) and some burger. While he was gone I made Moose some rice with the chicken stock I had. Moose ate all of that (thankfully). We also adjusted his medication. He is still taking the pink medicine but I don’t have to dissolve it. I can give it to him whole in a treat or something it will just take longer to get into his system. And he is getting his antacid twice a day now. Hopefully that will help him eat breakfast. He did eat all his dinner last night. The vet will be calling later this morning to see how Moose is doing. If he stops eating all together his kidney disease will take him sooner rater than later. And that breaks my heart.

I talked with both my parents but for very short periods compared to normal. Mom had stuff to do and then when I was talked with Dad the kids get very restless and in my face which made it hard to talk to Dad. After that I binged watched more CSI.

It is lighter outside but still very dark. The snow has stopped but the wind has picked up. So we’ll see what the day brings. I did get photos of the sun while it was out yesterday. I will download them from the Nikon and add them to what I took on the phone to share. I hope you all have a great day! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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