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Blowing Through Like a Cold Wind

I have managed to cut myself short on time again. Not sure how. We have a dusting of snow (yesterday’s rain got rid of most of it) from this morning but the heavy winds are what if freezing your bones. Essie stayed out too long and was shivering at the door. I got her in and wrapped her in a blanket to try to warm her up. Naturally Moose was giving me “the look.” Heaven forbid I love on one of the other dogs. He is back to not eating breakfast again. He usually eats dinner. But even last night he left maybe a third of it. One of the things I plan to do on my two days off is research what I can feed all three dogs. Maybe if they are all eating the same thing he will start eating again.

Today is Christmas Eve. That means the last day of Christmas music at work! Yay! I know that is a relief for just about everyone at work. I am wearing my Cthulhu Christmas shirt again. I don’t feel like digging through a box of stuff to find my one last holiday shirt. Not just to wear for one day, wash and then have to stick it back in the box. So back to my Halloween themed Yuletide gear. I will definitely be wearing my Supernatural scarf because the wind seems to be growing in intensity.

I see by the clock if I plan on putting any photos in I need to get on it. Where did all my time go? Take care everyone and be safe! Thanks for reading!

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