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Looking Through the Fog

Another dark morning. It is warm enough outside that the snow is melting and we are getting a thick fog. This morning is a rather blah morning. I got sleep but it was not a good sleep. Essie did not eat anything until late last night but Moose did eat both his meals. He wouldn’t eat this morning and I wonder if he doesn’t like the canned food. I didn’t put any thing but egg in the kibble for breakfast and then chicken broth for dinner. This morning I used canned and nothing doing. Sooooo… I guess I will try to find a different type of canned dog food for him.

I decided that I need a new routine. My morning routine is all well and good but that is my only routine. I need to incorporate one that I do my writing. If I don’t specifically say I am writing at this time (like I do for my blog) it will never get done. I will plan to do it at one point over the course of the day but I will never get to it (like yesterday). Since I have to wait an hour after Moose gets his first dose medicine before I can give him his second one I decided that in that hour of waiting I will work on my writing. Not journaling but I will pull out one of the novels and write. Even if I only get through a page of writing it will be something. I will give myself a break when I have a meeting to cover for the paper (if I need it).

Everyone seems to be getting into the holiday spirit here. I’m not necessarily bah humbug (atleast not all the time) but I really just want it over with. After working at Younker’s for so long I can’t shake the stressed out feeling that we got every year. Constant Christmas music doesn’t help but the stresses are definitely not there to sell, sell, sell. Christmas just doesn’t mean much to people anymore. I suppose things might be a little different this year with the pandemic and all. And I am not talking religious beliefs either (I am trying to stay off my soap box when it comes to that). I am talking just spending time with family and friends. The gifts don’t matter but spending time with loved ones does. Sure I like the excuse to get things for my loved ones but it shouldn’t be necessary.

I read all the other blogs and they write about things to help others and I sit here and essentially whine and talk about myself. Am I helping others? I don’t know. Maybe. Even if it is as simple as someone reading this and knowing that they aren’t alone in how they feel.

Looking at the clock (and the amount of in and out from the pups) I should wrap this up. Thanks for reading and stay safe.

11 thoughts on “Looking Through the Fog”

      1. Yeah, l saw that – hope they come good.

        I remember years ago having a shipment of Egyptian Fruit Bats come in and one lady who bought a pair and turned her spare bedroom into a bat cave – literally for two bats, it was awesome but they were very cute and quite affectionate.

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      2. Excellent Jen. I was thinking of putting up a bat box here in the courtyard as quite often in the dusk times l see pipistrelles. So it might be nice if l can help them a bit more so in the spring summer time when there is more of a lively nature garden on the go.

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      3. Nice! We have 5 acres and live pretty much in the country so I have a lot of the local critters that come through and hang out over the course of our seasons. This past year we have had a lot more than normal. I noticed more bees, butterflies and birds. I’m sure there were more insects as well and thus (hopefully) more bats. Now I just needs to either make some or buy some. I might try my neighbor across the street…. 😁

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      4. Awesome stuff, anything that can encourage a broader diversity of insects and critters into your grounds is just a brilliant way of bringing more natural life into the five acres – but then you know this as you are already seeing more wildlife visiting and residing for the seasons 🙂

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  1. Omg I feel the same….no gift can replace the gift of love, peace and family harmony…🙏🏼thank you for your thoughts very helpful. Not sure what 1972 is in your user it’s my birth year…I’m grateful I stumbled across ur post. It helped me

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