Happiness is….

It is dark enough outside that I have to have a light on in my office. The snow is trickling from the clouds. I think it will be a dark day… outside. Last night and this morning have gone pretty well if I do say so. Moose has not only taken his meds without me wearing most of it but he has also eaten his breakfast. Pardon… Stella really really wants to play this morning. I am trying to keep her quiet but she wants to play tug of war which means growling and sounding vicious. Lol. I wouldn’t do it out in the living room because I didn’t want to wake Chris so she followed me into my office and set it in my lap. Stinker. Anywho, so Moose is improving. When I got home yesterday from work I found my Supernatural box waiting for me (for those that don’t know Supernatural is an amazing television series that just ended after 15 years). It is a quarterly box off goodies related to the series. I had almost forgotten that I’d ordered it (this was done back in September). I am writing this in my new holiday sweatshirt with my new scarf around my neck. These are the two favorite pieces from the gift box. Other things included are holiday cards, a cookie jar, a Christmas ornament, a small holiday charm and a small figurine of one of the main characters (this is the only piece I really don’t like because it looks nothing like the actor or the character).

To add to the happiness of the day I finally got my digital books to download on to my Kindle. Apparently my Kindle address has been changed so that when I downloaded a document it went to the old email. So I sent everything to both the old and new emails and VOILA! They downloaded! I also got an email that said something about making things easier for me next time that they were linking up both emails etc, etc (why it was changed in the first place but whatever I have things working now). The upshot of all this is that I now have 12 new novels to read in my Kindle. Yay!

Another bit of goodness arrived in the form of my horror writing classes. I had no link nor any information so I emailed them a few days ago and received a response and a link yesterday. When I finish this I plan to head over there and print what I can and maybe even watch a few videos.

Today’s goal is to relax. I was able to get good solid sleep last night (my body wants more but I needed to get up to give Moose his medicines) so I still feel as optimistic as when I went to bed. Having the day off helps too. My next day off is Friday but then I do have two days in a row off (for the first time since I hired in). Regardless I hope to enjoy today for what it is.

I did get some photos taken yesterday that I will share. I think I will wrap this up so I can delve into the horror class work. Thanks for the support and for reading! Stay safe!

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