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Putting It Together Piece By Piece

How does one go to bed with a wonderful attitude and looking forward to the day wake up grumpy? I went to bed happy and excited and this morning…. Last night I did a big thing for myself. I purchased a current copy of WordPerfect. I have wanted to replace my old copy for years now but not had the money. This time I had the money and the price was waaay too good to pass up. Less than $100. The program has gone for around $250. The purchase of WordPerfect is a further step for me down my writing path. I don’t have to count each word in my articles for the paper anymore. The program will do it for me. AND I got the professional version because it has an e-book section. So the plan is to start putting my two finished novels into the laptop (saving on a memory stick as I go) and once I finish editing see if I can epublish them. I might even try to put together something from all my photos. So I really did fall asleep with visions of sugar plums in my head!

I think part of the whole thing is Moose. I don’t like having to squirt the medicine down his throat any more than he likes having me do it. But he refuses to take it in milk of any kind (I even tried a new brand to see if that would help) and he is eating less and less. After I finish writing this I am going to run to the vet to get the pink medicine for him. Since he was actually eating on a regular basis when he was taking both medicines this tells us that he has stomach ulcers. I am going to be getting further instructions from the vet when I pick up the meds.

Another part is Mom is freaking out about things she is doing as she gets older. When we first moved here we told her she was welcome to stay with us. We have 5 acres and she can build her a small house on the property. Well she wants to take us up on the offer. And that is fine. But there is a lot of work to be done to figure out where and when and if we can build. That whole situation is becoming overwhelming. But once the New Year rolls over I need to start making phone calls to get someone out here to mark our property lines then start calling around to find out what we need to do to get things started.

I am looking at the clock and I need to get going so I can make it to the vet’s office and back before Chris leaves for work. I don’t have to be to work until 2pm so I have some time yet. I will try to add some more photos from the other day and not duplicate. When I upload things it doesn’t tell me what I already have on here and I can’t do it and see what I have on my laptop so I apologize for any duplicates. Thanks for reading and all your support! Stay safe!

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