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Making the Time

I had a nice surprise when I got home from work last night. I was able to park Angus in the garage! Now I have to remember to start parking him in there when I get home. It will be a bit of a change but no more scraping off the car when it snows! Yay! The only trick will be to not freak out that my car isn’t in the driveway when I go out there. Lol.

I will be grateful to get home tonight after work. My sleep is off enough that it is starting to show in other parts of my life. So tonight will be an early to bed night. I have tomorrow off so I can even sleep in if I want to.

The past few Sundays I have been bringing home a copy of the New York Times. It is a nice fat collection of reading. And it has things for both Chris and I to do aa well as read. I usually try to read the paper over a couple of days. The games (I am trying my hand at the famous crossword puzzle this week) I work on over the week. This week’s paper had a whole section of games etc that I gave to Chris to do. I am doing the crossword from their magazine.

Speaking of puzzles the 3D shark puzzle is still coming together. I am pretty much on my own. I didn’t realize that Chris wasn’t that big into puzzles like that. Ah well. I try to do a little each day. I have most of the border done. The problem comes in when I work too much on it then my back let’s me know. And my back has been unhappy the past few days so I’ve neglected the puzzle.

I need to get myself together and get out the door (self, remember the car is in the garage…). Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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