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A Day to Just Be (and Our First Serious Snow)

The snow is falling thick and fast. I did some grocery shopping after work last night… just in case. Out here in the Great White North you never know if you may lose power or get snowed in. We have a bunch of water and we have a gas stove so we should be good for all the basics like cooking, drinking and I did laundry last night so that I had clean clothes for work tomorrow. It will be the first snow drive for Angus and I. I am kind of excited. Especially since work is close. It makes such a huge difference (that and actually liking your job).

We have the potential to get up to a foot of snow (.30 meter) today and tonight. You know I haven’t heard any cars go by at all. Atleast people are staying home of they can. I’m pretty sure in Traverse it is business as usual. I love that about the area. People stay home if they can in inclement weather. They don’t decide to go shopping because they have the day off due to weather. There was a lot of that when Younker’s was open.

Today is a lazy sleepy day. Moose is in here with me snoozing. The girls are in the living room. I am glad that I took care of both articles yesterday morning (about three hours of work). I can relax today and enjoy staying home. Some of the groceries I got are comfort food yet still good for me. The best example is my instant Cream of Wheat. I could live on that as a kid. I even had my on special pan to make it in (not the instant back then). I was talking with some of my older customers last night and we got talking about favorite foods this time of year. Mostly breakfast foods lol. Another favorite of mine and theirs seemed to be the big biscuits of shredded wheat. I remember Mom warming milk up on the stove and then pouring it over the biscuit and letting it soak in. So good on a cold winter morning!

And I think now I’m going to leave off this and go enjoy the day. Maybe even nap (I can hear my husband gasping as he reads this). I have taken a few photos as the snow has been coming down. So I hope those of my readers who don’t get snow enjoy them. Thanks so much for taking time out of your day to read this. Stay safe!

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