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Putting the Bits and Bobs Together

A day off. Yay! I need to try to relax today. Dad and I are going to chat and I think I might do some stuff around the house. I also need to spend more time with the family. I’ve got all three dogs in here looking for attention… Moose and Stella have laid down on the floor. Chris and I need some time together too. So we’ll see how the day pans out.

I got some more holiday gifts ordered yesterday before work. I am still trying to figure out what to do for people. I don’t want to get al kinds of stuff but what I do get I want to mean something. Or at the very last something they can have fun with. Dad is the only one that wants practical stuff. His Amazon list is clothes. And there is nothing he needs or wants so I guess clothes it is. Oooo but I do have the two movies I can get him. Again. This will be the fourth time and no more. If he loses them again he will have to replace them himself.

I am a bit concerned as we had a customer yesterday that came in to shop who should’ve been at home in quarantine. Her daughter had been diagnosed with COVID and she lives with her (this is an older lady) and she decided to come in and shop. This is a recent diagnosis like within the past few days. So we wiped down what we could after she left and when I got home I washed all my clothes as soon as I pulled them off and hopped into the shower. I guess the store manager talked to her but I’m not sure if she got escorted out before she bought her groceries. Fun, fun, fun!

Work was pretty fun as I got to restock shelves. I have always enjoyed putting truck away. Even at Younker’s. I bagged a little, learned a few new things to do and put stock away. It is also nice because I can learn where stuff is.

I am very upset with our vet. She was supposed to call me with the results of Moose’s tests yesterday (especially the lumps we found) and nothing. So I called on my break at work. She had already left for the day. I’m sorry? What?! Apparently I sounded a bit pissed off so the tech put me on hold and when she came back said that it looked like they were just fatty lumps but if they weren’t the vet would call me Monday. Gee thanks.

Looking outside I have only seen the woodpeckers at the suet I put out. I wonder if the “new flavor” doesn’t appeal to the feathered crowd around here. I got one of each that was available. So I guess I will have to just get two at a time both the same flavor and see which ones they prefer.

I see that I have gone on for rather a long time here. My mind is kind of all over this morning. I think I’ll stop here for now. Thanks for reading and as always stay safe!

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