Good morning all! This will be a really short one as I have a really early shift at work. Yesterday night it was hard to get to sleep because it was the one year anniversary of my Aunt’s passing and I knew my Uncle was a mess but there was nothing I could or can do. I finally fell asleep for a few hours (maybe three). I told the kids when we got up that we were sleeping in tomorrow morning.

I tried to read a few of your blogs this morning but did not get very far before I looked at the clock and realized how late it was getting. The nice thing is I will be out of work earlier. Although I do have more groceries to get after work again. But I have tomorrow off so that will be a day of going nowhere. I need to sit in the car with the manual and learn the touch screen. I have been able to pair my phone with the car and I can channel surf on the radio. That is all I have learned how to do so far.

Ok, I really gotta get gone. Thanks for reading and stay safe!



Well here is some exciting news amongst all the chaos in the world…. I replaced my beloved Jeep yesterday. I got a Subaru 2017 Crosstrek. It’s a bit more than I was expecting to pay a month but it has all that we were looking for and a bit more. Some bonuses are a spare key (there was none with the Jeep), an owners manual (the Jeep didn’t come with one of these either), heated seats, touch screen stuff (not sure if this is a bonus yet as I am still trying to figure things out), heavy duty floor mats (which the guys installed since winter mess is just around the corner), fog lights (never had these before)…. So I am very excited about the new edition. Oh, and Mom and I named him Angus. I stopped at Mom’s after I got the car and we chatted for awhile. When I left some of the things I was taking with me included some hot dogs for the kids (made from angus beef) and a guitar magazine for Chris with Angus Young from AC/DC. I quipped that everyone but me was going home with some Angus. Mom and laughed then she looked at me and said, “Name the car Angus.” And that was that.

So I guess I ought to get going. I just looked at the clock and I need to start heading out for work. Thank you to everyone who has sent messages of support over these past few days. It has helped and meant a lot. As always thanks for reading and stay safe!

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A Big Step

Today may be the big day. After I am finished with this I am going to clean out the Jeep. Chris is going to follow me into Traverse incase something happens with my engine and I have two vehicles to look at. Hopefully I can get things done in one.

I am being vague about everything because I need this car shopping to be over. I need that issue off my plate so that I can concentrate on other things. So wherever you are please have a good thought for us today. I have looked around and consulted with both Chris and our mechanic on my choices and been given the thumbs up. So….

If all goes well then I will stop by Mom’s for a little bit. We’ve not seen each other for a while. I can see her two pups as well. Depending on when I get home I may call Dad on Facetime. We’ll see. And I might take the kids for a ride. See what they think of the new vehicle.

Despite getting sleep my eyes are sore and I have a constant ache just behind my left ear going from the top of my head down. I’m not sure if it is from wearing masks or not. I notice that it seems to flare up when I have a mask on.

The sun is out so that is a good sign. Despite getting up early I feel like I’m behind. I should wrap this up and get the car cleaned out. Everything will just go in a trash bag for now. I forgot to grab a box from work. It shouldn’t take long but I am becoming antsy. I need to get Chris up in a little over two hours. I think I will let the kids out in the yard while I clean out the Jeep. We’ll see. Sorry this is all over the place. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Lost In the Bread Crumbs

The promised wind from the past few days seems to have arrived today. Winnie the Pooh would refer to it as a “rather blustery day.” My relocated bird feeder is still holding strong wedged on the branch of the maple tree. The clouds are moving around swiftly so we’ll see how that affects the weather. The ponds are icing over.

There is so much that I want to read and research and learn. I’m not sure where to start so I peck at everything like a chicken. A little here and a little there. Usually not the same subject each peck. Which limits my learning because that peck might be a book but if I don’t finish reading the book and start another that has caught my attention…. which is what I tend to do. There are research books I bought a year ago that I still haven’t finished reading. I have beginner guitar music and lessons, learning Italian, keeping up with my French, all my varied history books and biographies…. all been read a little but never finished.

I am watching Moose and hoping he is dreaming. He has been my shadow since we went to bed last night. I don’t think he feels good. When he was outside eating some of the small bit of snow we got parts of his body started shaking. I thought he was cold but then I noticed that it was just random places he was shaking. Not all over like he was cold. He is doing it again now but I can possibly contribute it to dreaming. Right? Some of the muscle shakes do not coincide with his dreaming. I may be reading too much into this but there it is.

I feel scattered. So much I want to do, things that need to be done, things that should be done. All seemingly to be done now. What to do? How to chose? I try to calm my mind and pick one thing off the important list and try to do that. Then maybe something off the list just below that. Some days this works. Other days panic sets in and I give myself a stress headache and do nothing but berate myself because I’m getting nothing done.

I can say that the birds have found the feeder in it’s new spot. I am glad. When I find a replacement I will try to hang it from one of the branches of the maple trees. I got a few photos of birds at the feeder (just outside my window yay!). One is a woodpecker (red head) and the other is a chickadee (tiny one). A lot of chickadees but there is one little blue bird trying to defend from all comers. Let me see if I can get a picture… I got a few shots that I will share. I’m gonna need to get that other bird feeder asap with the battles that are going on out there. Sheesh!

I’m going to upload the photos and try to get one thing off my have-to-do list. I don’t work until 2pm so that will give me some time. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Looking at Another Lockdown

Today will be a long morning. I am exhausted but if I can make it to the afternoon work seems to go a bit quicker. We are on partial shut down here in Michigan. I believe it takes effect on Wednesday and will last for three weeks. A lot of people are getting up in arms about the whole thing. I tend to be neutral because it doesn’t affect me. Since I work the front lines and Chris is a machinist the lockdown won’t shut our places of work down. That being said I am curious to see if the stores will have more cases of COVID since we will no doubt have a surge of customers once this starts. I am already a homebody so staying home will be easier for me than for most.

It is weird to have people recognize me and I don’t recognize them when we haven’t spoken since before the mask mandate. I had the wife of a coworker come through my line last night and we were chatting. She knew who I was right off the bat but it took me a few minutes of conversation to realize who she was. I’m not sure if she knew or not but I did feel stupid. Lol.

I am wondering how everyone will be taking this “new” shut down on top of the election results. People were already angry. On the plus side yesterday was the opening of deer season so the hunters can get out and do their thing and hopefully not be as angry when they get home. Hopefully the hunters will be putting food on their table as well. I don’t know if there will be many trophy hunters. To be fair around here just about everyone uses all of the deer they kill.

Well this is not the blog I had envisioned last night but there it is. I hope everyone is safe. Thanks for reading!

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Getting a Bit of Knowledge

This morning is the complete opposite of yesterday morning. Dark dark skies. We also have a wind advisory but the wind is barely moving anything right now. Damn, the birds can’t find where Chris put the feeder (turns out it was Stella that ate the suet) and neither can I. I’ll have to go look for it and find a spot in the area that it was to put it up higher. I need to replace the feeder. I can only put suet in it as someone broke on of the sides and now only one suet packet because Stella all but tore the one side off. On the plus side if I can find one that comes with a hanger I can put it up in the maple trees right there so it will be in the same area. Not to mention I can give them both seed and suet then. The general opinion is that it will be a hard winter so the little critters will need food and water.

I watched two documentaries yesterday. One was on Steampunk and the other on a specific horror convention in St. Louis. “Vintage Tomorrow” was about the Steampunk culture and movement. I find myself using the term movement with that documentary because the people interviewed had thought about what being involved with Steampunk meant to them and how it could be used as a tool to better the world. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Steampunk it is a cross between all things Victorian with steam and metal. But the mindset behind it goes much deeper. It is a very good documentary and on Amazon Prime for those of you interested.

The second documentary was on a horror/sci-fi convention in St. Louis called “Contamination.” There have been plenty more that have come to the city since but this was one of the first to arrive and thrive. “Contamination: A Convention Story” covers I believe the second year that it was there. It reminded me of why I really really want to try to make an effort to get to one of the horror conventions. All the cool goodies for sale and just to see all the awesome costumes and be around people who like the same types of things. Not to mention the star factor. You can meet one of your icons and actually talk to them. It would be like getting to meet Joe Hill. You are no longer looking in from afar. Just to be able to be submersed in all that for a few days…. sigh. The documentary interviews not only the people who put it all together but the stars who attended and the average attendee. The interviews were interesting and I thought it was cool that the stars had taken the time to be a part of the convention. A lot of them really enjoyed the experience, most actually. If you are interested this was also on Amazon Prime.

As promised I took a lot of photos yesterday. I will pick out a few to share this morning and use more tomorrow since I’m pretty sure that I won’t be taking any photos before work. I hope you enjoy them. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Sorting Through

The sun is out today. That is a good start. Yesterday seemed to get more tangled as the day progressed. The inspector was late (over an hour) coming to the house and no one could find him or get ahold of him. The fixes that Chris did passed. Yay! But the stairs have to be redone. Wait…. what?! Why wasn’t this brought up before? So we are back to square one. On the plus side we won’t have to pay for any inspections (the gal that is at the office is very nice and easy to talk to). But…. Then I get home to find that the print I inadvertently ordered arrived. I was excited. The tube was the size for a regular poster. Then I opened the tube. The print inside was about 8×10. 8×10. Not at all what I expected. Or wanted. So I shot off a message to her on Messenger. I was as polite as possible but I was blunt. A few hours later (she lives in Hawaii) I got a response. She was apologizing and offered to send another print for free (oh and she had talked about it being very expensive to send things from Hawaii and she said she would cover the cost of shipping…. it was $5 to send the tube). I haven’t responded to her yet.

I am hoping that today goes a little smoother. The nearby gun shots are a bit much. They sound like they are next door rather than in the far back where everyone seems to normally shoot.

I put out some suet for the birds since the weather has turned to bitter cold. Someone was desperate to get to one of the cakes as the metal grill holding it to the bird feeder has been pried almost off. Racoon? I hope it wasn’t Stella. I think she is the only one that Chris let out after we went to bed. The suet cake on the other side is fine.

I think I might brave the cold and try to get a few photos today. I didn’t take any yesterday with everything going on. Looks like some of the birds have found the suet. I hear chirping outside my window and looked to see some little sparrows hanging around the feeder and eating the remaining berries off the bush.

Moose is asleep behind me. He doesn’t like the click of the mouse but he is ok with the clicking of the keys as I type. I need to get my article written and turned in for Thursday’s meeting. That is my only real to do today. I should water the plants too. I think some of them have dried out a bit with the furnace going. I’m looking around my office and wondering if I should take some of my stuffed animals and pose them outside. I have a teddy bear in a bomber jacket and leather hat that might look cute frolicking outside. Then there are all my dragons that I could pose…. and my unicorns. And I’d forgotten about all the Minions in the bedroom. That could be a fun scene. So may be that will a fun thing I do today. And I might try writing a short story from one of the prompts I found. We’ll see. I’m also looking at my desk and wondering if I would ever want to refinish it. It wouldn’t be hard. Dad and I refinished an old treadle sewing machine. We redid the wooden base that it sat in as well as the wooden case that went over the machine when it wasn’t in use. I miss sewing on that. I made all kinds of clothes for me and my stuffed animals. (I had very few dolls when I was little. I preferred animals even then.)

Anyway… I should get this posted so I can get things started around here. I hope everyone is having a great day. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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A Photo Finish

This morning is going to be more photos than words. It is an early work day for me and I just couldn’t get up any earlier to do this. I was able to read some of your blogs this morning. Today is the final inspection for the garage. It is raining pretty good outside. All things considered today will be an interesting day. Did I mention it’s Friday the 13th as well? Normally I don’t have a problem with the date but it is 2020 and I don’t trust it.

So enjoy the cool clouds I saw last night. I hope everyone has a great day! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Finding What Needs to Be Done

Another early morning. The kids have eaten and gone back to bed. Moose did not eat breakfast but he did take his medicine. A lot got done yesterday but not what I had hoped. I seem to have chosen keeping the house clean over my writing. I did journal quite a bit and I even had a few ideas on the story but no real work on the novel. But I did put pen to paper more than normal so that is a good sign.

Last night’s meeting was changed to tonight. Hopefully it will be a short one since I have to be to work early. We’ll see. It is a meeting that I have never covered before so I have no idea what to expect. The kids will be happy since this means I will be home. I know I will be.

Speaking of being happy… I have been talking with a lot of my creative friends (mostly on Facebook) and I am not the only one going through a bout of depression and problems creating. There are a lot of us out there who feel like we’ve hit a wall of some kind. That makes me feel a little better but it also makes me wonder what the cause is. There are too many for it to just be a coincidence. Something to ponder.

Since I need to wrap this up…. I took photos last night with both the Nikon and my phone camera so see the difference. I thought the results were interesting. Let me know what you think. I was surprised at the difference. The first group are from the Nikon and the second group are from the phone camera.

Sorry this is a short one. I hope everyone has great day. Thanks for reading and stay safe!


In Search of….

Last night’s rain has brought the cold weather back. The winds seem to be dying down for the moment. I brought the few plants I had outside in when we got up. Sigh. I guess I will have to start wearing jeans again (it has been shorts for the past few days). The kids and I have really enjoyed being outside these past few days. This also means I should finally pull out the kids fleece coats that Mom made them. Moose will be fine for a bit but the girls will get cold soon. Although since he has lost all that weight he might get cold sooner as well.

I am starting my holiday shopping early this year. I have some very fun and eclectic gifts that I have found this year. I hope I can follow through with all of them. But there are people I have no idea what to get them. I want to do something that will mean something but…. I guess I will keep looking. I think this Christmas will be an important one. I’m not sure why. Just a feeling I have.

I am still in search of a replacement for the Jeep. The ones I like are out of state (apparently putting down that it has to be within 50 miles of where I am means nothing) or out of my price range. So I keep looking.

I am back. Moose threw up twice (he didn’t eat breakfast but did take his medicine). What he brought up was the remains of dinner and his treats from taking his medicine both last night and this morning. I really need to get him in to finish the tests. He’s in here with me snoozing on the floor. Essie is all busy and ready to play for some reason. Goofball. Stella is on the couch snoozing because she got in trouble for getting into her siblings bowls this morning. Something else I need to do is look into getting Essie on a different kibble. I think she needs a senior kibble (she turned 10 years old this year) and that might help her lack of appetite as well as her upset tummy. I hope. I plan to call the vet to get a recommendation. Then we will have three different kibbles in the house. Lol.

I should get this posted so I can get making my phone calls. Thanks for reading and stay safe!