A Quick Stop

This will be another short one. Moose took twice as long to eat his breakfast this morning. It is still dark out but my head is killing me so I am wondering if are supposed to get rain. My back isn’t happy either. I had problems bending over to give Moose his medicine. So today at work should be interesting. Physical issues aside I will be the one in charge of the curb side shopping today. The regular gal is off. I’m not sure how much will get ordered since she let all her customers know that she had the day off (they are very particular some times since they have been used to her and how she shops for them). I know Wednesday she was overwhelmed with orders (atleast 20).

I want to bring atleast one cd with me for the car. That is the one thing on the radio I haven’t done yet. Do I pick classical? Jazz? I’m leaning toward jazz. Then there is my rock and roll or my audio books. The choices!

Nuts. I just looked at the clock. I need to get going. Thanks for reading! Stay safe!

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