A Weird and Wild Time

I got a lot done yesterday even with working a full shift at work. Moose’s canned food (and a bunch of toys so I could get free shipping) should arrive either today or tomorrow according to the tracking app. Yay! Moose was down to three cans of food so I (for once) had enough time to order before he ran out. I also did Facetime with Dad last night. Once I got over gushing about the car I started yawning. In my defense I had been up since around 4:40am and work was crazy busy. We are going to try to chat more today.

Today I need to sit in the car with the manual and try to set things up further than just pairing my phone. That touch screen has all kinds of bells and whistles apparently. Hmmmm… the car has heated seats. I am wondering if it lets you know you left them on like it does when you forget to turn the headlights off. I will have to test that question later today. There is so much to learn it seems! I had to laugh because I had to move the Jeep and Angus at the dealership because my salesman did not know how to drive a stick. Everyone is always surprised when I tell them that I was able to get a manual transmission. It is sad that they are being phased out. Not only do they get better gas mileage but they get you out of a lot of tight spots. If you get stuck it is a lot easier to rock the car with a manual transmission than an automatic. If you loose your brakes like I did a few years ago using the emergency brake only gets you so far. Being able to down shift and use the engine to brake was the best.

Next week will be Thanksgiving here in the States. I am curious as to what chaos will ensue after the holiday. The world is gone crazy (especially the United States portion it seems) and some days it just feels like it is spiraling out of control. Or maybe the controlled spiral of a toilet flush. I’m not sure which. But regardless we’ll make it through to the other side and look back and wonder how we did it.

I need to find new subjects to photograph as well. Once winter sets in not much changes until Spring gets here. Makes for rather blah photos. And I need to atleast try writing some short stories if the novels have ground to a halt. I’ve got a meeting to cover on Tuesday night before I can send out my invoice for the month. I need to get the creative juices flowing. Maybe I’ll grab one of my guitars and practice for a bit today. It has been awhile. I also need to at the very least write an email to my Aunt and Uncle in Florida. It has been a while since I heard from them (and longer since they heard from me). With all that in mind I am going to wrap this up. Thanks for all your support! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

Ed. Note… sorry this took so long. The phone and camera have become unpaired and I have been trying to fix it. So I will only share what is in my phone. Cheers

Me again… I finally got things working. Here are a few that I like from the past few days. 😁

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