Good morning all! This will be a really short one as I have a really early shift at work. Yesterday night it was hard to get to sleep because it was the one year anniversary of my Aunt’s passing and I knew my Uncle was a mess but there was nothing I could or can do. I finally fell asleep for a few hours (maybe three). I told the kids when we got up that we were sleeping in tomorrow morning.

I tried to read a few of your blogs this morning but did not get very far before I looked at the clock and realized how late it was getting. The nice thing is I will be out of work earlier. Although I do have more groceries to get after work again. But I have tomorrow off so that will be a day of going nowhere. I need to sit in the car with the manual and learn the touch screen. I have been able to pair my phone with the car and I can channel surf on the radio. That is all I have learned how to do so far.

Ok, I really gotta get gone. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

6 thoughts on “Brief…”

      1. Excellent, glad you enjoyed them, let me know more of your musical choices and l can then add more to your directory for future dedications 🙂

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