In Search of….

Last night’s rain has brought the cold weather back. The winds seem to be dying down for the moment. I brought the few plants I had outside in when we got up. Sigh. I guess I will have to start wearing jeans again (it has been shorts for the past few days). The kids and I have really enjoyed being outside these past few days. This also means I should finally pull out the kids fleece coats that Mom made them. Moose will be fine for a bit but the girls will get cold soon. Although since he has lost all that weight he might get cold sooner as well.

I am starting my holiday shopping early this year. I have some very fun and eclectic gifts that I have found this year. I hope I can follow through with all of them. But there are people I have no idea what to get them. I want to do something that will mean something but…. I guess I will keep looking. I think this Christmas will be an important one. I’m not sure why. Just a feeling I have.

I am still in search of a replacement for the Jeep. The ones I like are out of state (apparently putting down that it has to be within 50 miles of where I am means nothing) or out of my price range. So I keep looking.

I am back. Moose threw up twice (he didn’t eat breakfast but did take his medicine). What he brought up was the remains of dinner and his treats from taking his medicine both last night and this morning. I really need to get him in to finish the tests. He’s in here with me snoozing on the floor. Essie is all busy and ready to play for some reason. Goofball. Stella is on the couch snoozing because she got in trouble for getting into her siblings bowls this morning. Something else I need to do is look into getting Essie on a different kibble. I think she needs a senior kibble (she turned 10 years old this year) and that might help her lack of appetite as well as her upset tummy. I hope. I plan to call the vet to get a recommendation. Then we will have three different kibbles in the house. Lol.

I should get this posted so I can get making my phone calls. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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