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Cloudy With A Chance of…. ???

This morning is cloud but comfortable. I still have a meeting to cover this morning but last night’s was cancelled. For that I am grateful. I was so very very tired. It was nice to get to get a decent night’s sleep (Stella started barking pretty much from 2am until Chris got home). Despite good sleep I have a headache that has been starting….. I just had to retype the last two sentences. As I was typing the next one I couldn’t figure out what the typo was. Then I really looked and two sentences had disappeared. ??? I hope that I am not getting a strong case of my murphyionic field kicking in (electronics and I do not really get along, I have crashed computers at various jobs as well as at home just by being in the room…. no joke). The registers at the courtesy counter and gas window were acting up yesterday. The main machine was adding things to orders that were not there without the benefit of me touching any buttons as well as freezing up. It is 2020 so this could add unwanted energy to this “power” so watch out! Lol

I did try to work on my novel at work yesterday morning. I got a few ideas down as well as some suggestions for myself (don’t try to write a linear story right now, just write scenes and piece them together later) but things got crazy at work so I stashed my little notebook. I just want to stay home today. Preferably to sleep to be honest but just to chill out. My head is starting to pound. I know part of it is the weather. We are supposed to get rain later today. Another part is probably stress. I’m not quite sure what to do.

I am also trying to rack my brain (creatively) to come up with new shots. If I am going to take photos in the same area I need to start getting a little more interesting with the shots. No more point and shoot kind of thing. The dogs will be for it. Whenever I pick up the camera the dogs are like “Sweeeet! we’re going outside!” So I need to start looking at things in new ways. I am glad that I have the two lenses to chose from. That makes things a little funner.

I see by the clock I need to start getting ready to go. I don’t have to be to work until 2pm so I am hoping that I can get the article written before work. Thanks for reading and as always stay safe!

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