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Finding Down Time

The mornings have begun as most Fall mornings. Sun comes up and the weather is cool but comfortable. As the days progress we seem to go back to lovely summer weather. Bright sunshine, temperatures around 70F (21C) or higher by early afternoon. It has been amazing!

Being around people all day has me reverting to wanting to be alone in my time off. I feel bad because friends and family alike want to spend time together and I just want to be alone. Things might be different if I had more than one day off at a time. One day for myself and then the other to spend with family and friends. I should mention this at work.

Now that I can share my photos again I will be using my Nikon more. I try to get out every day and take a few photos. I haven’t ventured out of the house/yard with my camera yet. I’m not sure why. Well, part of it is that I am a homebody. I leave the house because I have to not because I want to. What would be fun is to have someone else drive so that I can take photos as we go. But again that requires me leaving the house lol.

NaNoWriMo is not going at all as planned. Too much is going on. I will make an effort today to get some words down. It would be easier if there was less going on in life but such is not the case. Last night was a family night. We watched comedy specials and had dinner. It felt good to laugh and it was nice to spend the time together.

I still need to write the article for Thursday’s meeting so I should probably wrap this up. Today is going to be another beautiful summery day! Yay! Stay safe and thanks for reading!

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