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Haaaa haaa haaa haaaaa haa haaa! Wipeout!

Today I am wiped out. Borderline to calling in. My body is in rebellion. Stress and pushing my way through are finally taking their toll. Yesterday’s adventure was going to test drive a Jeep Wrangler after a long busy day at work. The dogs were very understanding but I should’ve stayed home. But had I not gone I would’ve been anxious all night that I missed some opportunity. So there it is. Bottom line is I really want it but it is not a good fit for what I need right now. And later I will text the dealership and tell them that.

The election is still not over. Hopefully soon. Atleast the results portion. Then we can move on to the chaos of whoever loses vs whoever wins. The one positive from yesterday was that after sending a message to Coursea over my grade still not appearing and getting no response on the forums (as well as questioning whether or not they were milking the timeframe so they could charge me for another month that I would not use since the course would be completed) I recieved my grade and certificate. I passed (with flying colors) all of the creative writing courses. Yay! The next problem is I have until the 8th to make sure that my subscription does not carry over. Right now I can’t connect to the app store nor to the school to discontinue payments. Not sure why. I am connected to the internet on all my devices. So I will keep trying. I also need to do bills and order Moose both his medicine and more kibble.

I didn’t make my word count last night because I was just too tired. I did get close though so it shouldn’t be big deal to catch up. When we were slow at work (the first few hours) I pulled out my small notebook and wrote a bit so that helped. Won’t happen tonight though as I am working deli. And I have to be back at 7am the next morning. So the word count will be tight today. Some will probably carry through on to tomorrow’s.

I am going to wrap this up so I can try to get some writing done on the novel before work. Thanks for reading and thanks for all the comments. Stay safe!

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