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New Events On the Horizon

Morning all! Gonna be another quick one as I have to be to work by 6am. Yesterday was a bit rough. I dropped the Jeep off only to find out that I was correct. There is something wrong with the transmission. It needs to be replaced. Problem comes in in that it will cost more than the Jeep is worth to repair it. So. Guess who is looking for another car?

There a few options on the table. I really want a Jeep Wrangler but all the ones I have found are out of my price range. The one I did find has a bad frame. Chris found a Jeep Renegade that seems to have everything I want. My only problem is it just doesn’t look like a Jeep. But I am still considering it. I am driving Chris’s truck to work today and I may think about going into Traverse tomorrow. I don’t know. I want Chris there with me (the Renegade is at the dealership I got the Jeep from and I said I wouldn’t go back there) when I car shop.

So that is where all the excitement stands right now. Sorry I didn’t have time to read more of your blogs today. I will try to read more tomorrow. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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