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Gotta Make It Through the Day

Everyone had a great time last night. I just went to bed way too late and I am regretting it. I just want to stay home and sleep. But I am the only cashier tonight so that kind of negates calling in. I have GOT to get sleep tonight. My body woke me at 7am. We went to bed around 3am.

Our maple trees look beautiful this Fall. They are not normally this bright for such a long time. I think all the rain is what caused it.

I got more cleaning done that I anticipated yesterday. I had to have Chris get me oven cleaner when he went to the store. I thought that we had some but I forgot I had used the last a few months ago. He brought home Goo Gone oven cleaner and I literally wiped all that nasty stuff up with a paper towel. No scrubbing involved. And no smell either.

I didn’t get any photos of the event last night because we were too busy talking and having fun. I did take some photos of the yard and such yesterday afternoon though that I will share. I’d better do that now. I just looked at the clock and I am going to have to bolt soon. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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