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Like a Leaf in the Wind

I am sitting in my office as I type this with a Pibble on my foot. Aaaand here comes another one. Stella came in here and curled up at my feet. Essie is wandering in and out. Moose is asleep in the man cave. He snuck in there while Essie was still outside (she is the one that usually sleeps there in the morning). Essie doesn’t know where to go with her spot taken over.

It is way too early and I’ve had way too little sleep. I have about 15 minutes to get this done and get ready to go to work. I got a lot done yesterday before work. My classwork (my last piece for the whole thing) has been handed in and I have done my reviews. Dishes got done and I made a list of what needs to be done before Saturday. I feel stupid though. I thought I had a meeting tonight but I don’t it is next Tuesday. For some reason I had it in my mind that it was the third Tuesday not the fourth. Ah well. I have also picked up another meeting to cover for the paper. I really really hope I can put off the Capstone part of the course (you only get access to this if you pass all the classes) until after November. But if I can’t then I can’t. It will be a wild ride of writing!

Ok, I need to get going. Sorry this is so short. I don’t have many photos to add since I wasn’t able to take any yesterday. The leaves are beginning to fall of the trees now. The cold is setting in in earnest. Everyone be safe and thanks for reading!

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