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Adding a Bit of Color

This morning I am writing this on my phone. My laptop is still loading after about 5 minutes. I ran the cleaner etc and it is still a mess. I am tired of waiting for it.

Today’s post is late because of Mother Nature. Lol. I fed the dogs and happened to glance out the kitchen window and noticed that the sun was highlighting all the bright colors as it came up. So for the next 30 minutes I was all over the front yard and back yard taking photos. About halfway through I happened to look at the screen to check a shot and the colors looked a bit weird. The camera was on “Effects” instead of manual. Without checking any more pictures I went around one more time and took a bunch more. I tried to get as close to the other ones as I could incase they didn’t turn out. If nothing else it would be a fun comparison between the two.

The maple trees behind the house are finally starting to change their colors. I think they will be quite beautiful this year. It’s like Mother Nature is giving us an extra special display to mss as me up for the pandemic.

Speaking of that… I am finally feeling better. That’s the good news. The bad news is someone was at the store on Tuesday who was diagnosed with COVID. No idea who, or if it was an employee or customer. So we are supposed to self monitor and if symptoms arise go get tested. The joys of working the front lines! We may have to call off our Halloween movie marathon with our friends. It’s supposed to happen a week from today. I texted and let them know the situation at work and told them it was up to them if they still wanted to come over. I haven’t heard back yet.

That is all the excitement here so far! I should try the laptop again since I have class work I need to turn in (the phone app is wonky). I will download some of this mornings photos. Let me know what you think. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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