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A Day…

Today is going to be a long day. I am working 10am til 8pm. They had a call off at work and their back up plan said she couldn’t work. So I told them I could work 10am til 2pm cashiering then got to the deli and work my shift til close. My tummy hasn’t been doing well so fingers crossed I can make it through. I have tomorrow off and that will help.

I pretty much spent my day either talking to Mom or talking to Dad. At one point with Dad I had to put the phone down and race outside to cover the memorial garden. Mixed in with the heavy rain was bits of ice. Then temperature dropped enough last night that all that water was a thin layer of ice on everything.

I got everything done for class except the writing portion. I plan on doing that tomorrow. It is too quiet here this morning. Normally it doesn’t bother me but it does this morning for some reason. The sun is out this morning so that will help. I see by the clock that I need to start getting ready to go. I’ll share a few photos as well. Be safe and thanks for reading!

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