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A Fall Day

I am embarrassed to say that I wasted my first cup of coffee this morning. Maybe I should say that I sacrificed it to the house spirits…. I fed the dogs then was trying to get organized to get on here and started the Keurig. Moose came out of the kitchen to get me when I heard the sound of liquid splashing. I had forgotten to put a mug beneath the spout. I hit the stop but the damage had already been done. When I started it up again it merely sputtered a few drops into the newly placed mug.

It is chilly enough that all three dogs are snoozing covered by their blankets. No snoring though and that is unusual for them. I am hoping that we can spend time outside today. The sun is out but the wind has picked up again. I would like to keep the memorial garden uncovered overnight but we’ll see. I covered it last night even though it was only supposed to get down to around 49F (9C). Good thing I did because it got down to 39F (3C).

I am thinking I might take Moose and Stella and go for a drive to get some photos of the colors around here. I thought about leaving early for work one day (I seem to be closing most of next week) and bring my camera but I don’t want to leave my camera in the car nor do I want to bring it in the store. And I don’t think my phone camera would do the colors justice. I may use my phone anyway. It’s better than nothing. The trees look like they are big flames with the colors in the leaves. The big hill I pass on the way to work is starting to noticeably change as well.

I think this is going to be a hard winter for a lot of us physically. I notice that on the cold days Essie seems to be hurting and I know that Chris and I do. Mom and Dad both have bad arthritis in various parts of their bodies and they are experiencing more pain as the seasons progress. I wonder if this will be the year I get the kids winter boots. I think I can swing it with bills. I just hate ordering via the mail because I would like them to try them on first. I am also curious as to how the kids will react to having them on. Lol.

I see that I have gone on a bit this morning. Thanks for reading and stay safe! And thanks for all the wonderful comments!

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