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Another Day

Moose is snoring behind me. Essie is trying to sleep in the man cave but every once in a while she goes outside. She’d not been feeling well. Stella is hunkered in on the couch amongst the blankets. I’ve only gotten a few hours of sleep despite my best efforts.

The sun brightens everything up despite the heavy cloud cover. The warm day we had yesterday will help bring out the Fall colors. I found a small frog beside one of the ponds yesterday. It is about the size of your thumb nail. I was pleasantly surprised to find it. It has been very cold at nights and some of the days haven’t been that warm. I also broke down and brought in the hummingbird feeder and cleaned it. It is down until next Spring. All I have to do tomorrow is my classwork and work on my novels.

I am trying very hard to be positive right now. I am tired and I don’t much feel like going to work but I have to. Bills gotta be paid. Today is Mental Health Day apparently. It has popped up in my news feed as well as several blog posts from fellow bloggers.

I started watching Netflix’s next haunted house series The Haunting of Bly House. I have to say I like it better than the first series they did. It is much more creepy and the plot twists are not only very good but believable. In their first series, The Haunting of Hill House, some of the twists were just put in to make things unpredictable (or so they hoped). Some of them weren’t very believable in the world they created. I have three more episodes to go. What I also like is that you can binge watch if you want or dole it out. The story is compelling enough to keep you coming back. Bly House is haunted but by what…. or whom?

I guess I will wrap this up and put a few photos in (I should check to see how much room I have in my gallery on here). I hope everyone has a great day! Stay safe and thanks for reading!

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