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Reading through the news this morning has me feeling that I live in a state (being Michigan) of chaos. Plots to kidnap the governor and people lining the bottom of Trump lawn signs with razor blades were the most prominent. And now I hear gunshots out back… Is this election over yet? That being said no matter who wins is will be even worse for the first few months following the election because neither side will go peacefully.

The weather is supposed to get into summer temperatures today but this morning is still chilly with a LOT of wind. The day feels very weird too. The atmosphere is off. So it will be exciting to see what the day will bring. The kids and I got up at 6:45am so that I could make a phone call to work. I forgot to tell them about next week’s meetings. Now I need to make sure I remember to attend them. Monday night is a Zoom meeting but Tuesday morning is in person. Not keen on that but gotta go since I missed last month’s.

I got just about everything done on my to do list yesterday. The only things I missed were making puppy treats (I know, bad Mom) and working on my novels (bad writer). Housework got done, I talked to Dad, cleaned the mouse cage, tended to the gardens, played with the kids, got my hair cut… I really wish I had today off. I just want to relax.

My goal this morning is to water the houseplants and uncover the memorial garden. Hopefully the wind won’t blow the tarp all over once I have it put up. I want to watch atleast one class video (I got my story finished and submitted yesterday too) as well. I can’t believe how tired I feel this morning. The kids and I actually went back to bed after I called work this morning which is why this is so late in being posted.

I took a few photos yesterday that I will share. I hope everyone has a great day. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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