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Photos and Puppies

I am off to a slow start this morning but I am not gonna push it. It is my day off and I will get as much done as I can. It was so nice to come home at 6pm yesterday! The pups and I played around the yard for a bit. Moose is getting better about taking him medicine. I was smart and wrote down things that I needed to get done today. I will work on things as the day goes on. I may try to Facetime with Dad this afternoon. It will depend on what I get done before then.

I am happy to say I have some more Fall photos for everyone. I know that is something a lot of my readers don’t have in their countries. It is amazing to think that Mother Nature does this whole color change every year. And the colors! I try to get photos when the sun is shining bright because it makes the colors that more spectacular.

I have Moose and Stella behind me on the loveseat. Moose has been getting jealous of the girls because they will be with me on the loveseat and he will be stuck on the couch by himself. So this morning while the girls were outside he settled himself on the loveseat. Stella was a bit put out but I pointed out that there was room for both of them so up she hopped. She feels that she hasn’t been getting enough attention. Sigh….

Good grief! I just turned around to scratch the dogs and I am met with Stella sprawled on her back with her back end facing me and her top half in some weird contortion so she doesn’t fall off. Moose is looking at me like she is taking up too much room and I need to fix it. My crazy babies… And Essie snores away in the man cave.

Ok, I am going to add some photos and post this. Then I need to finish up my short story for class and submit that before I go get my hair cut. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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