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A Weird Day

One more shift and I will have a day off. The only thing planned is to get my hair trimmed. I don’t know what the weather is supposed to be like (I have heard cooler temps all the way to almost summer ones). But I am looking forward to my hair cut. Nothing spectacular just a little off the ends. When I keep them trimmed up my hair seems to grow like crazy and I am curious to know what will happen.

Yesterday was a day. I got part of my story for class written. I had hoped to finish up this morning but I think that will have to wait for tomorrow morning. When I got to work I spent a good part of the morning putting up Halloween decorations. That was fun and I have gotten a lot of compliments on my handiwork. Later in the day I had an irate customer who later came back and apologized. I was both surprised and grateful. The customer even went so far as to tell my manager that I acted like a real professional. I got out of work to find out that Eddie Van Halen had died. For those of you who don’t know Eddie is considered a Rock God for his guitar playing talent. He was amazingly talented. Another musician, Johnny Nash known for singing “I Can See Clearly Now” (one of my all time favorite songs even when I was little) also died. An upswing to the day was after I got home I got a call from work. A customer I had been discussing beer with a few days ago had gotten a peanut butter porter that he did not like and left it at the store for me. I am still not used to being able to accept gifts from customers. It is kinda cool.

I had a very strange thing happen last night…. It was around the time Chris was due home from work and she did her little talk (she sounds like she is chewing her words). I woke up and listened to try to hear what she did. She did it again and I heard “Shhhh! Shhhh!” and Stella settled back in and fell asleep. I figured Chris was home and waited for him to come say good night. Nope. Chris came home about 15-20 minutes after that. On that note I am going to get ready for work. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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