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How much time is enough time? some mornings an hour is enough to get everything done. Apparently not this morning. I am in a mad rush to get this done and get out the door on time. I apologize for not being able to read as many of your blogs as normal. I am currently multitasking to try to get some photos downloaded to share. I am so not good with early mornings. I’m not sure if I am out at 2pm or 3pm. I’m really hoping 2pm.

Yesterday consisted of watching horror movies and playing with the dogs. I did get some stuff around the house done though. The dogs have fresh bedding through out the living room, laundry got done (not put away yet), two loads of dishes done and I made sloppy joes and put it in the fridge. I didn’t eat much yesterday, just sort of picked at things. I feel better than I did yesterday morning but still not 100% so we’ll see how the day goes. Moose was sick yesterday too. Hopefully he is better.

Ok, the last photo is downloading so I will wrap this up. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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