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Still Smiling

Do you every get tired of pushing through? Of always being on top of things all the time? I do and today is that day. It’s cold and wet out (has been for days) and I don’t feel good. I just want to stay in bed and read. So I think I will. I have my shark bag filled with books and writing things so I can haul it wherever I need.

Yesterday’s shift really kicked my butt. Those extra two hours might not seem like much but They are. I did pretty well if I am to be honest. But the flip side of that is that I might get left on my own at one point. There is too much to da lately so I am hoping not.

Moose is snoring under a blanket on the couch. Stella is behind me on the love seat in a little ball (I just covered her up with the big comforter we use on the love seat). Essie is over in the man cave by the door sleeping. I brought the laptop out of my office and into the living room to work, It won’t be for long. I am going to finish this and then curl up and read. I think I might even put off my classwork today. I might get it written (we have to write a two page short story) but I don’t think I will have the energy to type it all in. I just wish I knew why I don’t feel good. It started at work last night.

I am hoping that if I lay low today I will feel better tomorrow. I need to since I think I am at work by 7am or some other ungodly hour (being up and writing at that hour at home is so much different than having to be functioning out in the real world with people). Granted I get out early but still.

I am happy to say that my Halloween cereals have come out! Everyone teases me (lovingly to be sure) because I am just a big kid when it comes to Halloween. I buy all kinds of stuff (they hoard the good stuff for the month of October) and I keep most of it up year round. And every year I seem to find some cool cheap stuff that makes me (and others) smile. Everyone likes my Day of the Dead sugar skull stress balls (I keep them in my pockets for when I need them). My Halloween socks are always a big hit too. Hmmmm… that reminds me I could be wearing some of my Halloween earrings to work. I might have to look into that. But not today.

I think I will post this and read for a bit. I hope everyone is well and staying safe. Thanks for reading!

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