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Late to Rise, Early to Work

This is going to be a bit of scramble. I slept in a bit since I didn’t have t be to work til 1pm. When I got up and checked my phone work had called. Soooo now I’m going in at 10am and staying until 7pm. I get an extra hour (more if I want to stay til 8pm). It’s gonna be a looooong day. I am struggling to get my brain to function (even with coffee). Atleast my back has eased up from last night. Standing over the sinks at work for all that time about killed my back by the end of the night.

Moose’s medicine is in liquid form. One would think that it would be easier to give him. Just shoot the medicine into his mouth and boom! Done. Nope. It tastes nasty so he doesn’t want to take it. He was a love this morning and stayed on the couch (versus me chasing him around the room) to do battle over the medicine. He took his medicine and I gave him some raw hamburger. After that he seemed interested in eating so I put his breakfast down for him instead of in the fridge. He did eat about half of it.

And that is all I have time for this morning. I gotta wrap this up and head out the door. Thanks so much for reading and stay safe!

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