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“It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!”

It has been a steady rain for over an hour now. Yesterday we had hail twice. Today is the first day of one of my favorite months. It is October. In October everyone else jumps on the horror/Halloween band wagon and I can revel in not only being able to watch more horror movies but I can get new Halloween themed stuff (sorry Hungee) for my life.

I have a long to do list for the day and with the weather that should help to get it all done. Some of the things are just simple phone calls or bill paying. Some things will take a little longer (like my classwork). But I am optimistic that it will all get done.

I don’t have any new photos to share from yesterday so I will have to try to get some taken today. The cold and rain are bringing out the colors so things are changing fast. I hear a blue jay outside my window as the rain slows down. I think he was eating some of the berries off of the bush in the pond garden.

I have earned another certificate with my creative writing courses. One more to go and I have the set! (That sounds like a bad joke…) I am very happy with myself. I have saved and printed all of them so far but my printer is only black and white so I may ask someone else to print them in color at one point.

I an trying to do too much at once right now. I am talking to a UK friend, this, downloading updates for my Nikon on to the laptop, petting puppies…. I should probably focus on one thing at a time. Lol. I did do some work on my surfing novel last night. It might not seem like much to others but it is a big step for me. That is another thing on my to do list. I want to try to get a few pages done on each novel. Last night I pulled my research books for each novel together and put them in bags so all I have to do is grab whichever I am working on and go. All in all I think today will be a very productive day.

On that note I will take a quick photo and add it to this post before I share it. I hope you are all having a great day. Thanks so much for reading! Stay safe!

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