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And Then the Day Was Here 😱

Well today is the day! Halloween is finally here! It’s both a happy and sad occasion. Especially if you are a Pagan. For us it is a time that we can show our respects to those that have passed and start moving toward new things. On Halloween (or Samhain) it is easier to hear those that have passed before us. Many Pagans will do a small ritual to give thanks to loved ones for help and protection they have given over the past year (this is our New Year as well), much like the Mexican Dia de Muertos or Day of the Dead. I guess it is a day to wrap up the old year and look forward to the new.

I hesitated about writing about my faith as many of my followers believe in different things… many believe that my faith is wrong and bad. When I write about my beliefs I feel exposed and I don’t like the feeling but I want to share the knowledge. I’m not trying convert anyone. I am explaining what things mean to me and others that share my faith. I want people to try to see that there is room in the world for more than one kind of belief system. I do my best to respect others faith. I would like the same for mine.

Today has dawned sunny but cold. I think it is the cold snap that will drop all the leaves. The wind isn’t too strong but it is enough that the leaves are falling constantly as it blows. The maple trees behind the house might even be bare by the end of the night (which is fitting on Halloween!).

Tomorrow starts November. We are almost at the end of the calendar year. And Winter is on the way. I had a gentleman gas up yesterday morning who said he had moved here from Louisiana just to see snow. There was a bit falling (he had asked if it was snow and I tried not to give the well duh look, I’m glad I didn’t) and it was bitter cold out. He then said, “This is as cold as it will get right?” I’m afraid my eyes did give things away this time. “Oh no! We usually get down into the negative numbers. This is only the beginning.” His face fell. I could tell he was rethinking his move up here. I didn’t have the heart to tell him it was probably gonna be a very very cold winter this year regardless of how much snow we got.

I think I am going outside for a bit to enjoy the sun while we have it. It has been so dark lately. It is welcome change. Thanks for reading! Stay safe!

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New Events On the Horizon

Morning all! Gonna be another quick one as I have to be to work by 6am. Yesterday was a bit rough. I dropped the Jeep off only to find out that I was correct. There is something wrong with the transmission. It needs to be replaced. Problem comes in in that it will cost more than the Jeep is worth to repair it. So. Guess who is looking for another car?

There a few options on the table. I really want a Jeep Wrangler but all the ones I have found are out of my price range. The one I did find has a bad frame. Chris found a Jeep Renegade that seems to have everything I want. My only problem is it just doesn’t look like a Jeep. But I am still considering it. I am driving Chris’s truck to work today and I may think about going into Traverse tomorrow. I don’t know. I want Chris there with me (the Renegade is at the dealership I got the Jeep from and I said I wouldn’t go back there) when I car shop.

So that is where all the excitement stands right now. Sorry I didn’t have time to read more of your blogs today. I will try to read more tomorrow. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Sorting Through

What a mess yesterday’s blog turned out to be! It said I posted it in the morning on the laptop without photos. But on my phone app it said that nothing had posted… despite 8 views. So when I got home I monkeyed with it some more on the phone app and apparently it officially posted last night. Sigh… Oh and I have to delete a lot more photos than I want to share. For example, I deleted about 12 photos but it only let me add two to the post last night.

I am dropping my Jeep off some time today. It was supposed to be earlier this morning but I slept until 9am (don’t be too impressed, I was in and out of the bathroom til late and then I was wide awake from 6:30am til 7:30am). Hang on… that was my mechanic. I don’t have to drop the Jeep of til around 2pm. Yay! I had hoped to take back a batch of bottles before I dropped off the Jeep.

The sky looked so hopeful when we got up. Clouds but a lot of blue sky poking through. Then our great blazing maple trees just outside the door. It’s like having a clump of sunbeams just hanging out. Sometimes the yellow is almost too bright to look at. But right now it has darkened enough that I had to turn on the office light.

I am happy to say that I really don’t have anything that I have to do today. I cleaned so well for company (and we have been able to keep it up) last week that there is nothing to do around the house. I might double check the plants for watering. I watered everyone the other day but it has been so cold and the furnace has been on so much that the house is really dry. Some of the plants are ok with that but others need to be watered more than once a week. I also need to get more information on my orchid. I can’t tell when or if she needs more water (she gets ice cubes verses liquid water).

One of my coworkers in the deli is learning to cook. We are both excited about it. I have been giving him little hacks and I am bringing him my ever popular bread recipe from my Winnie the Pooh cookbook. He’s very smart and enjoys cooking so it is fun to share stuff like that. We had a lot of fun last night with all of us. I seem to be fitting in really well.

Despite how cold it is out the air smells really good. Like when you got outside on a Spring day and the sun is out and you can smell the earth, flowers just Nature. It made me feel good. I think I will wrap this up and try to take back some bottles (we get 10 cents for every bottle we return so that is a HUGE help for groceries and such). Thank you for reaching out and commenting! As always thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Bits and Pieces

We slept in a little later this morning since I don’t work until 1pm. Sleep last night was much better than the previous night. Yesterday we actually had the sun out for awhile in the afternoon which seemed to improve everyone’s moods. I tried to get some decent shots of the sun coming through what is left of the leaves. (I have to admit that taking photos outside makes me sad because the leaves are all falling off the trees and the weather is becoming bitter cold.)

I covered two meetings last night for the paper. Both were fairly short but interesting. I need to do my word count today and send it in. Then I can make my car payment. Today before work I hope to get bills paid. I will do what I can and finish tomorrow since I have the day off. I also want to try to get some more research done for the novel for NaNoWriMo since that is mere days away. Speaking of days away I need to figure out what to do for Chris for his birthday. It is a week from today. Aaaaannd I have no clue what to get him. As usual. Lol.

I got some really cool photos of the moon last night. The clouds looked like waves on a beach. I tried both the Nikon and my phone. Of the two the phone did a better job of getting the shot. It’s still not what I wanted but it was better than nothing.

I got my cool skull from my friend the Dame of the Dead yesterday. I love it!

Moose has been with me here in my office all morning. He normally is in and out (mostly out). Every once in a while I look at him and realize what a big dog he is. I have always had big dogs (Max was a chocolate lab/Akita mix and he was 130lbs) so I don’t think of them as big or small. They are my dogs. But this morning I look at Moose on the floor by me and he looks like such a big boy.

I’m thinking I should go through and get rid of things in the closet I can’t or won’t wear. It will take some courage on my part. As Chris will tell you I am fighting growing older tooth and nail. There are things I need to get rid of because I will use them as ammo for self abuse. I have enough of that as it is. So one day soon I will sit down with a trash bag and go through my closet (sorry our closet). I can promise you that I will be keeping pretty much all my tees and tank tops. I have many many years of memories wrapped up in all of them. Mom suggested making a quilt but I can still wear them one and two do you know how many quilts I could make?! Not to mention I won’t want to put them on the bed because I don’t want holes in said tee shirts. So.

I should wrap this up so I can get bills paid and play with the kids for a bit before I head to work. Stay safe and thanks for reading!

Ed. Note: I guess I have used up all my photo slots on my blog. I will try to subtract a few so I can add a few.

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A Bad Night

Bad dreams for most of the night. I hope that it is not a sign for the rest of the day. I very rarely have bad dreams but tonight I had too many. In my dreams my whole world came crashing down at various points. I have awakened a emotionally wrung out mess. If I could call in I would. I set an alarm to remind me of tonight’s meeting. I will forget otherwise. I have been awake since 2:30am with a quick “nap” complete with bad dream from 4am to 5am. My first set of bad dreams came between 11pm and 2:30am.

I started the motorcycle yesterday so if I need to ride in to work I can. It is almost freezing temperatures here and the ground is still wet from the rain yesterday. Hopefully the Jeep starts. I am gonna be off all day. I checked my balance on my debit card and thought a refund was actually them taking money out and started freaking out. Then I remembered. Sigh. It is gonna be a day. And I’m working the gas/courtesy counter today.

Sorry this post isn’t more positive. I am just not feeling it today. I just wanna hibernate. I will share some of the photos I took yesterday. Thanks for reading despite it all. Stay safe.

Ed. note: my phone is offline despite it showing that it is still online so I will try from work. Now the laptop is offline.

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Looking Ahead

The winter doldrums are a knockin’. The leaves are falling off the trees faster and faster with all the wind and the colder temperatures. There is so much to do inside but it usually requires you to be in one place (playing games, reading, etc) and I am one of those who wants to be outside. Just not in snow and cold weather. I also need to keep the kids active. So I guess I could design a workout routine of sorts. They do like to play tug of war a lot and catch (not fetch because they want to actually catch the toy, not chase it and bring it back). I’m sure that with some thought I can come up with something to keep us busy atleast for a little bit every day.

With October winding down and November looming before me I am staring NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) in the face. I got myself this year’s tee shirt since I am participating. I’m not gonna lie, I am a bit anxious about this. It is such a huge undertaking. Essentially writing a complete novel in a month. I feel more confident about it than previous years because my job is not long hours that I use up all my energy (especially my creative energy) so when the time comes I have nothing to write. I also have two stories to chose from this time and I have a good background for both. But the question still remains… can I do it? You can preorder a tee shirt that says you finished NaNoWriMo successfully. I am tempted to do it. But if I fall short? Will that be a reminder of a failure? Or will I let myself off the hook and let it remind me that I won regardless because I made the effort? I would like to think that with the improvement of my mental health I would take the positive outlook. But you never know with me.

Work is slowing down considerably. Part of me is grateful but then the other part gets bored. And that means I don’t have to wash everything down as often. My hands are so dried out and hurt from the constant washing of my surroundings as well as the hands themselves. They are starting to crack and bleed. I need to find something that will help. The other gals at work are always putting lotion on but they aren’t always waiting on customers. They might be stocking, facing the shelves of doing work in the offices. When they put the lotion on it will stay for awhile.

Every time I hear the furnace click on I find myself getting anxious. Over the past few years I’ve worried about various things being stuck outside in the weather because we had no place to store them out of the elements. Usually it has been the motorcycles. But this year all four of them are tucked safely in the garage. I can go out and see them etc (this reminds me I need to put my bike on the charger to make sure I have juice in the battery incase I need to ride to work (no he never came to get the Jeep, some medical appointments have put things off until later this week) because the Jeep hasn’t wanted to start). It is weird not having anything to worry about. I try to make sure I notice why I am worried and then tell myself that I don’t have to have that habit anymore. Because that is what it is at this point a habit.

I guess I should wrap this up for now. I found some visitors outside the kitchen windows this morning. The bunnies are getting bold. I tapped on the window and they just looked at me. Before they would take off. Well thanks for reading and all the lovely comments! Stay safe!

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Gotta Make It Through the Day

Everyone had a great time last night. I just went to bed way too late and I am regretting it. I just want to stay home and sleep. But I am the only cashier tonight so that kind of negates calling in. I have GOT to get sleep tonight. My body woke me at 7am. We went to bed around 3am.

Our maple trees look beautiful this Fall. They are not normally this bright for such a long time. I think all the rain is what caused it.

I got more cleaning done that I anticipated yesterday. I had to have Chris get me oven cleaner when he went to the store. I thought that we had some but I forgot I had used the last a few months ago. He brought home Goo Gone oven cleaner and I literally wiped all that nasty stuff up with a paper towel. No scrubbing involved. And no smell either.

I didn’t get any photos of the event last night because we were too busy talking and having fun. I did take some photos of the yard and such yesterday afternoon though that I will share. I’d better do that now. I just looked at the clock and I am going to have to bolt soon. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Finding Room to Breathe

This morning has been a reversal of routines. Before even turning on the computer I have taken care of the dogs, watered the plants and picked up a little bit. Once the computer was on I checked my classes to see if I had a grade for the final course yet. (Nothing yet.) The kids have been in and out since around 6am. The girls have upset tummies. I have been in the same boat off and on since 5am. I’m not feeling the greatest but I don’t have the heart to cancel. I talked to our friend last night and both he and his girlfriend have been really looking forward to this movie night. So I will hope to feel better by tonight. That is the other bit. They won’t get here until around 6pm. They work nights so they usually get home around the time everyone is getting up. I have to work tomorrow at 11am so I’m not sure how late I will be up tonight.

It is another dark morning with rain and snow mixed. That started about the time I was getting up because I didn’t feel good. Some of the snow remains but most of it has been melted by all the rain. I had a mostly empty gallon bucket on the porch. In one day it has gotten to overflowing with all the rain we’ve had.

Speaking of buckets I got both the mum plants transplanted the other day. They are both very happy right now. I also cut off the bottom half of the root ball. Poor plants had very little dirt beneath them. To show their happiness both plants are blooming like crazy. ❤️ The tomato plant seems to be doing better since I removed the basil plant from the planter. There is more room for both the tomato plant and the pepper plants.

I can’t believe that my violet plant is still blooming! It has been in constant bloom since I brought it home a few years (?!) ago. I have been diligent about dead heading when needed (I also did that when I repotted the mums) as well as making sure it stays watered. All of my plants are doing tremendously well. I can’t wait to get the one shelving unit out of the kitchen and into the garage so I can spread out the plants (I am thinking another shelving unit that fits in the corner possibly). Then we can use the kitchen table again. I also want to move Calypso (our ball python) into that area of the kitchen. It will be much warmer for her there. Right now she is close to the sliding glass door and gets all the cold air when it is opened.

My Jeep will be picked up either today or tomorrow. I am anxious. I want the Jeep fixed but I want my car to drive. I love my Jeep. It will be so nice to just drive and not have to worry about if I will make it.

I suppose I should wrap this up and finish up the last minute cleaning. There isn’t much. Just the living room tables and the stove top. I will probably sweep the kitchen one more time. Ooop and dishes need to be caught up. But not a lot so I think it will be fairly easy. I will try to take some pics from tonight’s event for tomorrow’s post. Thanks for reading and stay safe!


Morning? Already? Whaaa…?

I’m writing this on my phone because the laptop is wonky and taking way too long to load. No one got much sleep last night because of rain and storms going thru all night. Moose and Essie are snoozing in the living room instead of going back to bed with Chris the sweeties.

I still have a few things left on my To Do list but nothing major. I will either knock them out when I get home or tomorrow morning. Don’t know what time everyone is coming over yet.

Some good news before I wrap this up… my Jeep is going in this weekend! He is coming over to pick it up and I have use of his car if I need it. Yay!

With that I bid you good day! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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The New To Dos

So we slept in this morning. Thing is I feel like I got up with minimal sleep. I can’t believe how tired I am right now… And of course my brain is going rapid fire as to what I need to get done today. Not too much as it turns out. I got a lot done yesterday before work. I am glad I did since it reduced the load for today. I even remade a To Do list for today so that I get as much done as I can.

I can’t believe that October has almost gone. Where did it go? Why didn’t I get to spend any time with it before it left? Maybe the winter months will be just a brief. I hope… But still, time is going way too fast.

Oh and tomorrow’s post will be very brief. I have to be to work at 6am. I can’t bring myself to be up earlier than 5am to get everything done. I get out at 3pm so my logic is I will finish up what I don’t get done today. I feel better knowing that I still will have time. As Chris pointed out our friends won’t really care but I do. And really it’s not too much to do. I can slide on a few things but not on others (the mouse cage has GOT to get done).

Moose is in here with me sleeping on the floor. He seems to be as tired as I. The plan after I do this is to go and do some running before Chris gets up. I had intended to lay out clothes but forgot. I will have to wing it. I don’t want to wake Chris.

This will be a short one too I think. Sorry about two in a row. I just looked at the clock and saw how late it was. I still need to put returnables in the car, load up the kids (probably just Stella and Moose)… Since I haven’t had time to take any photos I will sneak out now with the kids. Thanks for reading and as always stay safe!