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Some Positivity

This morning (sorry… I just had to stop and help Stella cover herself with a blanket) is darker and wetter than yesterday. Plants are in or covered up. The tomatoes are ripening at a steady pace now. I also need to pull some of the beans soon.

Yesterday morning I rescued a Monarch butterfly. She was hanging out on some of the plants in the sun in the memorial garden trying to dry her wings and warm up. But with the Fall weather then sun wasn’t doing much for either condition for her. I was able to coax her on to my hand and I put her on the basil plant (it is in the long box with the tomato plant and pepper plant) since it was in full sun. She stretched out there for a bit and was able to get warm and dry before taking off.

Last night was almost a full moon. I missed the awesome moon rise (a coworker came in to get some groceries and showed me some pics she had taken) but I was able to get some pretty impressive shots after I got home.

This morning all three dogs have been excessively needy. I’m not sure why. For a good portion of this Stella has laid in my lap or beside me. Moose and Essie have been sitting next to me for love and scratches. I’m not sure what is up. I finally got everyone to lay down. I can hear the gentle snores now. Lol. On a positive note I was able to get Moose to eat almost all of his breakfast. Most of it was fed to him but he ate a good amount on his own from the bowl. I am very proud of him.

I will add a few photos then try to get some classwork done. I hope everyone is have a good day. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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