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Quick Check In

I think Moose wants me to start moving the laptop into the living room again. He doesn’t want to sleep on the floor in here for very long. It is raining pretty good here this morning. The rain has made everyone very sleepy. Even me. I only woke up once last night.

I took Stella and Moose for a little ride yesterday. I didn’t take the camera but I did pull over a few times and use the one on my phone so I do have some fall color photos to share. I also managed to get a lot done yesterday. The garage has been swept out and the house picked up etc (I do need to vacuum when I get home today). I am also caught up on classwork.

I got up extra early so I thought I had more time. I did get Moose to eat some of his breakfast by feeding it to him. He actually showed interest but wasn’t sure so I gave him some on the fork. He ate it so I kept going. He ate most of it for me.

Where did all my extra time go? Sheesh. Ok. I guess I will put my photos on here and get ready for work. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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