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I had planned to ride in today but not now. I woke up every hour exactly an hour apart (:47 after the hour). No idea why. Then 5am wide awake. So here I am. Moose’s diagnosis was what I had feared. He’s lost 11lbs in two months and all his bad levels for kidney disease have essentially doubled. So. Moose had a horrible time at the vet’s office as well. Nothing they did or did not do. Moose was just that scared despite his anxiety meds. And all he did after I left for work was sleep. All he has done since the vet’s is sleep. I got them out playing for a few before I had to leave for work yesterday but…. and he won’t eat again this morning. It’s new food (courtesy of the vet) and I even put some egg in it. He barely ate any dinner last night. I know he was beyond stressed yesterday but I am very concerned that it is going to have long lasting effects on his disease.

I closed last night and I have to be back at 8am today. I am going to request an early out of they can manage it. I am working both the deli and the second cash register all day. I am so tired (but can’t sleep) and emotionally drained.

I talked to Mom the other day on the phone. I thought about trying to Facetime with Dad today after work but I just can’t. I am in dire need of some me time. And that, sadly, is all I have this morning. I have some more photos I will share. I hope you enjoy them. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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