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Season Changes

I am trying to look past the lack of sleep and anxiety. I am trying to keep a level head about things. But the combination of all of it is kicking my butt. The closer we get to Moose’s appointment the more irritable I get. I also have a stress headache.

Be that as it may I got some good photos yesterday of the color changes around here. If I can manage it I will leave early for work and take my camera. The road to work it just a riot of color. Our little valley here seems to always stay greener longer (for which I am grateful). I can see the trees change daily. The colors seem to be changing fast now that they have started. That usually means a very cold winter. Regardless I will share some of the photos I took. I really do need to sit down more with the book I got to go with the camera. I tried to go through it from first page to last but I found myself impatient because I had discovered a lot on my own. I want the nitty gritty as it were. But I don’t know the proper terms to be able to ask the right questions so I am going to try again.

I did start watching some videos for class the other day. I have to say that all the classes so far have been very good. I am looking forward to seeing what the capstone class will be about. It has a very vague explanation of a class that you work one one piece of writing.

I am trying to write this and upload some photos. The camera battery is low so I’m not sure how many I will be able to get. I only chose five (yes just the five…. sorry movie quote reference lol) to try to share some of what I took but the battery light keeps flashing ominously at me. But I might just make it.

I might have time to start another video for class (yay! I got all five before the battery died!) before we head out for the vet appointment. So I will post this and see what I can learn. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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