Looking for the Light

I’m afraid that today’s post isn’t going to be very happy. And it may be sporadic if I have to answer the phone. I woke up to text messages on my phone from my Dad. One was him saying good-bye and another was him typing that the police had arrived. So I have contacted whom I could with no response. I messaged our family and tried to keep them in the loop. Uncle Jerry is going to try calling the police there (Dad lives in Montreal). The last time I did that I got nothing but messages that they were closed due to COVID-19. I spent 30 minutes being transferred from one message to the other. I hope Uncle Jerry has better luck than I did.

I was surprised at how many posts were about suicide on my blog lists this morning. Normally you might have one or two (I am hyper aware of posts like that due to personal experience as well as that of my family) but today it was almost the topic of choice. I am tempted to wake Chris to tell him but what good would that do? He would be there for me but miss much needed sleep. And that would not help either of us. So I will let him sleep and tell him when he gets up on his own. I have to work tonight so that will be interesting. I hope it is slow so that I can keep an eye on my phone. This is assuming that I haven’t heard anything before then.

On a more positive note I did get some nice photos of probably one of the last butterflies of the season at the butterfly bush. I will share those to atleast brighten things a little. What little sun we had this morning has disappeared behind the clouds. It is staying warm enough despite that so I am able to leave the plants outside. I will stop here and download the photos. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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