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Garden Talk

This morning we are all out in the living room.  The door is open on this chilly morning.  It was very windy and just as cold yesterday.  Everything is overcast so it will be interesting to see what the day brings.

Not much to tell this morning but I did take a bunch of photos of how well the garden is doing last night.  We have even more tomatoes (some are even turning red now) and the green peppers in both gardens have buds that have turned into little tiny peppers that grow bigger by the day.  The beans are also starting to come in.  We have gotten a lot of rain the past few days and that has helped tremendously.  The only down side is that the grass has grown too.  I am going to have to see if I can coax the mower to life one more time.

Since I am running short on time before work I will wrap this up but I will share the photos I took last night.  Thank you to everyone for reading and stay safe!

13 thoughts on “Garden Talk”

      1. Amazing! I have been intending to have a small garden in my balcony for a long time. But I have always pushed it aside because of one or the other reason. What you have done is really amazing!

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