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This morning I was setting things up in my office and the electrical started doing the whole flashing on and off thing.  I turned off Chris’s computer and the AC  in the living room and that seemed to stabilize everything.  I can get online again.  I can barely see the keyboard because I am surrounded by the dogs (the power surges really freaked everyone out… they finally stopped shaking) and can’t reach the switch.

It is almost as dark as night but according to the Weather Channel no precipitation.  We’ll see.  I was hoping to get some class work done this morning.  I was awake at 6am but didn’t really want to get up.  I gave up at 7am.  I don’t have to be to work til 1pm today.  But I am hoping a friend will be able to come over before I go to work to help with the electrical.  Especially after the surging this morning.  If we can’t leave the AC on then it is going to be way warm for the dogs.  With the AC on it was still pretty warm when I got home last night.

This whole thing with the electrical really worries me.  I don’t want to come home to a fire.  We still have to get the fixes done on the garage before the snow flies and my Jeep fixed.  I should have a check waiting for me at work today so I can get that deposited and pay bills before work tomorrow.  That will be a relief.  That will catch me up for the month I believe.

I think I will ask our neighbors across the street to keep an eye on the house today while we are gone.  I will feel better if I can message them every once in a while to make sure all is well.  I am surprised they are all still in the office with me.  My babies.

I haven’t done much with the camera.  Partly because not enough time but the other thing is I don’t know how much space is left on the memory card.  I need to get another one.  I’ll see if I have some extra.  They aren’t too expensive.  Then I can start adding some more to the blog.  I need to get out and check the gardens too.  I’ve not been out there in a few days.  I am getting some beans in finally!  There are a TON of tomatoes coming in on the one plant.  I am hope the one in the memorial garden will start to blossom soon.

I should wrap this up and try to get some of my classwork done.  Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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