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This will be an awkward post as we have severe storms rolling through here and a lot of this will be typed with one hand due to the Pitbull in my lap and the other at my side (Moose is asleep on the couch).  The storms started around 3am or 4am this morning.  They are supposed to last til around 10am or so.  I hope they ease up before I got Fast enough that I had to flip the off switch on Chris’s computer instead of turn it off the regular way by using the pull up menus.  It was like someone flipping a switch on and off.

I messaged Chris at work in a panic because I don’t want any of the electronics fried.  By the time he messaged me back (maybe a few minutes) I had checked all the breakers and done as much trouble shooting as I could on my own.  I tried to get under the house thinking that an animal was responsible but ended up covered in spiders for my trouble (I still think that is it because there are an inordinate amount of flies that keep appearing on my office, I shew them all out the window and put the screen back back but a few hours later there are 20 or more around there so I’m thinking beneath my office is a body).  I even spit out a spider.  Yech!

The long and short is that Chris ended up coming home from work to help figure out what was wrong.  The power to the house was turned off and on many times during this process which really stresses the dogs out.  Moose would not leave my side, Stella was just freaking and pacing getting in everyone’s face and Essie hid under a table in the yard and would not come in, even once it was all done (we ended up just cutting the power to the garage).  It took me a while to finally coax her in.  We were in bed by 11pm or so.  Then the storms came.

Oh and I ended up missing my meeting last night.  I was on and at the meeting (I had to restart all the internet stuff twice) then all the sudden the power went.  Again.  By the time we’d gotten it all straightened out the meeting was a done deal.  So I sent an email to my editor explaining that we had lost power and I missed the meeting because of it.

I received my certificate for my second class yesterday and I started the next one.  This is about character.  I had hoped to watch some of the videos before work but that would mean going back into my office (I am in the living room on the floor).  I don’t think I would get much done with the girls trying to get into my lap in the chair.  So I will make another cup of coffee and read out here.  I hope everyone has a better day.  Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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