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I woke during the night feeling guilty.  No idea why.  I hadn’t done anything to feel guilty about.  But that feeling spurred a line of thinking of things that I had done wrong over the years that I did feel guilty about.  So I tossed and turned trying to think of something else.  Not much sleep happened.  Even my dreams I thought in the dreams that I wasn’t going to get much sleep.

I got batteries for two of my favorite toys, my Trex and my dragon from the Harry Potter books Norbert (he came from the egg that Hagrid got).  The Trex has a controller that makes him walk (forward only) and Norbert yawns, eats, burps fire, sneezes fire, giggles (there is a spot you can tickle him) and stretches his wings.  I had rechargeable batteries in both toys but they never lasted very long so I splurged and got regular batteries.  Chris got a good laugh when I brought each of the toys in and ran them through what they could do.  The dogs were not amused.

I am glad I have the day off but I find myself leaning toward not wanting to go back to work.  I suppose that if I didn’t have to work the courtesy counter I would be less inclined to not wanna be there.  But I am getting everything done that I need to so I shouldn’t complain.

Well crap.  I just realized that I will need to send in my word count for this month soon and I don’t seem to have any of the papers set aside so I will need to rely on my emails.  I hope I have kept all the emails from this month.  I should probably print them out after I finish this.  It is so unusual for me to not keep the papers.  Hmmmm…..

I guess I should see if there are any stories that I can read and review for class.  As of yesterday there was only one other student that had gotten as far as I had.  Thanks for reading and stay safe!


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