A Little Too Much

I truly don’t know if I can last.  This job is wiping me out.  Literally all I do is work.  I don’t have time in my day to do much else.  And I just get to 15 minute breaks at work for whatever shift I am working.  Yesterday I came home wiped out and in pain.  When I sleep it never feels like enough.  This morning I am completely wiped out.  Yesterday was like the day after Thanksgiving at Younker’s.  It was pretty much none stop busy for just about my whole shift.

Right now I am so very very exhausted.  I have no attention span.  I still have today and tomorrow to get through.  Today I work the courtesy counter (which I don’t like doing) and it is another long shift.  10am-7pm.  I really hope I have Monday off.  If not I may ask is someone wants to switch.  That would be six days in a row with overtime.  The money is nice but I can’t do it.

Today is International Female Ride Day and I am not going to be able to participate.  I put Rogue on the charger last night because he would not start (for those of you that are new to my blog Rogue is my 2014 Honda CBR600RR).  But I am so very tire this morning I wouldn’t trust myself behind the handlebars.  And the way my arm was after my shift yesterday there is not telling if I would be able to ride home.

I apologize for the whiny post.  Right now it is all I can focus on.  Thanks for reading and stay safe.

7 thoughts on “A Little Too Much”

    1. I asked for someone to switch so I have today and tomorrow off instead of tomorrow and the next day. I am trying not to do everything that needs to be done today but to spread it out between both days. Wish me luck! Lol.


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