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Breathe… and go!

I am doing a bit of a scramble this morning.  And not with eggs either.  🙂  I went to bed at a decent time and got up at my regular time but I have to be to work at 10am this morning so that cuts an hour our of my normal routine.  So I am feeling a bit pressured.

I did get paid yesterday and we all received a $40 gift card for the store (and it is a grocery store so it is most welcome).  So that was good.  I still need to make a few phone calls to pay bills but I don’t see that happening before work.  I might have to go and slide out to my car on break.  I will try to make one phone call before I leave though.  I have an alarm set for 9:30am so that I don’t forget to get ready.  I am so used to the 11am routine that I could do just that.

I dreamt about a fried that died earlier this year, Margie.  She was the second person up here to die from the COVID-19.  I missed her funeral at the end of July.  We had fun in my dream so that was good.

A concern about work it that my arm keeps getting worse.  Chris got me some braces for my arm but I find that I am dropping things with that hand more and more.  And the pain is becoming a constant.  So I guess we will see.

Speaking of seeing I just checked the clock and if I am going to make that call and get ready for work I need to get gone.  Sorry for the short post.  Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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