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Off Balance

I don’t know how long or short this post will be.  My right arm really hurts from the tendonitis.  I need to get a brace for my forearm and for my elbow but that can’t happen until I get paid.  And if I get the song and dance about how it takes a few weeks to get things set up I may have to figure out whether or not to stay.  That is becoming a big concern.

I woke up this morning and let Stella out and went back to bed.  I was sorely tempted to try to sleep another hour but I couldn’t remember if I started work at 10am or 11am.  I didn’t want to rush myself or the dogs.  I feel as though I have gotten no sleep at all.  I shouldn’t be this exhausted.

My mind is a total blank right now.  I keep staring at things around the room then remember that I am supposed to be writing.  Then I stare at the screen and wonder hat to write.  Here’s a random thought.  With Hollywood essentially shut down I wonder how many actors and actresses will find it hard to go back to that after being able to live like a “normal” person for all these months.  I’m sure some of them are itching to get back because that is their passion.  I just wonder about the rest.

I did promise garden photos.  Hang on while I go take them.  I got home last night and we essentially played til dark after they ate.  Be right back….

Ok I got this pics.  I am gonna wrap it up on here for today.  The typing is making my arm worse.  I took some photos of all the new tomatoes coming in as well as some green peppers that are sprouting out.  Minion’s memorial garden has taken off since I added the extra dirt the other day.  I think I will have to water them all tonight when I get home.  Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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