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Keeping a Steady Pace

This morning finds me actually ready to face the day.  I got quite a bit accomplished yesterday including getting a week ahead on my class work.  I still need to watch the rest of my videos today so I can try to get the writing portion done.  The kids got their nails trimmed (I finally made puppy treats so I could bribe them), the mouse cage got cleaned out, laundry and dishes got done, trash went out and I got the tree out front trimmed and some weeding done.  If I can continue to keep things up this way I will be very happy with myself.

Getting my mind to not focus on trying to do it all at once is the tough part.  My mind will sit back and say, “Holy crap that’s a lot to have to get done!” and then I freeze and nothing gets done.  So when I feel the panic rising I try to focus on something else.

I really want to stay home and work on my writing but I know once I get to work I will be fine.  I feel bad because the deeper I get into my writing the less time I spend with the family.  And on mornings that I work that means the kids don’t get to play or do much of anything.  I don’t see Chris until his days off because he is still asleep when I leave.  But on the days I do see him I seem to be glued to the laptop doing class or outside reading up on something.  It will be a fine line balancing act.  But I suppose a lot in life can be like that.

With Fall approaching it will be interesting to see if the COVID predictions will be accurate with a new wave coming through.  I’m glad I don’t have to work outside of our little town.  But it is a wait and see.  Changes are always happening whether we want them to or not.

I intended to take some photos of how the gardens were growing yesterday but I never got round to it.  I will try to do that either before or after work today so I can share them tomorrow on here.  I still have no idea how to tell where the beans are in their growth.

I will wrap this up for now and try to get some more classwork done before work.  Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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