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Another Day

I am trying to find my words.  So much going on in my head.  Stella and Moose are in here with me again.  I found that miss thang (Stella) has been going potty in the hallway again.  There is no reason for it as she has ample opportunity to go before we go to bed and Chris is home not long after we go to bed.  Grrrrr.

I got my jack-o-lantern necklace yesterday in the mail.  Between that and me making snickerdoodles last night I feel like Fall is almost here.  And I am not ready for it.  That was the one draw back of my birthday as a kid.  It meant that the following week school started.

After I finished this yesterday I not only got my piece written for class but I also got all the reading and videos done for this week.  All I have to do is do the writing portion.  So the question is do I do it today and keep going or do I let myself have a rest day?  The thing is I have a meeting to cover next week and I don’t want to get behind.  We’ll see what happens after I finish this.

I spent a good deal of my day yesterday outside.  I did vacuum the house, get all the dishes done and get the vacuum blown out (because we have so much sand that gets tracked in as well as the dust I try to use the air compressor to blow the dust and dirt off every few uses).  Today I need to make puppy treats and clean out the mouse cage.  I am trying to keep busy instead of sit and do nothing.  For me it won’t be a time of rest but a time of over indulgence.  This way I can look and see that I did something.  Most of the stuff only takes a few minutes so if I just spend a few minutes doing something that needs to be done every little while then a lot can get done.

Moose has taken to not eating breakfast like me.  It seems to make him sick.  I guess Chris got him to eat his breakfast around noon on Sunday while I was at work and he threw it all up not long after.  But he will munch veggies and banana chips through out the day and eat dinner with no problem.  I don’t know if it is him or the food.  Either way it’s not good.  If it’s the food we have tried the two flavors available in kibble and the flavors in canned have been gone through (since it is for kidney disease it is limited because it is a special diet).  If it is him then that means his disease is getting worse and that it not good.  Since I don’t get paid til Friday (I hope… it will be my third pay day with no money if that is the case and I already have people calling for money from bills) I can’t take him to the vet.  So I guess we wait and see.

I’ve not taken many photos as my memory card has filled up once already.  I deleted a bunch but I still don’t have much room.  I need to get another memory card.  I am hoping Friday.  I also need to order more kibble for Moose.   That being said I will share the few photos I have taken.  Thanks for reading and as always stay safe!

4 thoughts on “Another Day”

  1. I had a pup diagnosed with acute renal failure. She was pretty badly off and wouldn’t eat the renal kibble. I found a group on yahoo dedicated to canine crf. A great group of people who shared information and recipes. I fed her a homemade diet (neither time consuming, expensive nor complicated) and she thrived on it for another 4 years until another unrelated disease took her away. I’m pretty sure the group is still around if you are interested. Beautiful pups!

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    1. Thank you so much for the info! I will have to look into that! I am so very sorry for your loss. And thank you for the compliment. Those little fur bags are my life! ❤️


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