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Trying to Get My Wayward Ducks in a Row

I finally got the photos from my camera transferred to the computer.  I also transferred the photos from my old Kodak digital/film camera.  On there I found photos of a very tiny Essie (she was only a few months old) as well as photos of Maxie Joe, Molly Rose and Dante.  I am over the moon about this as I don’t have many photos of Max and Molly (they were before cell phones became a thing and I could just whip out my phone and take a picture).

Moose is in the office with me now, sound asleep.  I so wish I could stay home today!  I just have to get through this shift and I have a day off.  Scary to think the day after tomorrow is my birthday.

We have another Jennifer that just hired in at the store.  I go by Jen so that makes it easier.  I am frustrated though because she pretty much spent the whole time bagging.  She would always manage to drift off from where they were training her so she could bag.  And no one said anything.  I kept my mouth shut.  I mean I would have a line and instead of going to the other register and asking people to go with her to the other lane she stayed and bagged for me.  A few times I suggested that she go over to do that but then someone else would do it.  So I’m not sure if they are deciding where they are going to put her or what.  On the other hand the store owner bought us lunch yesterday.  Not long after I arrived I was handed a menu and told to pick something out.  It was really good!

I have so much I need to catch up on Saturday!  I need to do some stuff around the house (Chris and I need to move the non functioning ACs out of the way) and I need to do my classwork.  I have not done anything this week.  I tried after work but once I get the kids tired out I am too brain burnt to focus on much of anything.  Soooo the piece I am supposed to write is due Monday in the wee hours and I work pretty much all day Sunday.  I feel bad asking Mom to not get together Saturday but I may need to so I can get everything done.

I think I will wrap this up for today.  I need to get things together for work and see if I can atleast watch a video for class.  Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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