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Setting Priorities

The day has dawned muggy and warm.  A continuation from yesterday and I am ok with that.  Yes I was in AC most of the day but I really like heat and humidity.  No idea why.  Chris calls me his hot house flower. ❤  I notice he is in a much better mood since I started back to work.  Poor guy.  I am glad to see his mood improving though.  I guess Moose missed me too.  We are in the living room and I am sitting at the short table and he has been snuggled next to me for a while now.  The kids were very good while I have been at work.  The problem this coming week will be dinner for them.  I will be at work when thy usually get dinner and Chris will be at work as well.  Do I have Chris feed them before he goes to work or wait til I get home?  I asked Chris to feed them before he goes to work but that might be too soon after breakfast.  Especially if he has to leave early for some reason.  Soooo maybe I will tell him that I will feed them when I get home.  We can try that for a few days and see how they do.  Hopefully Stella won’t chew anything up.  She ate a towel the other night.  She has started eating things she ought not to again and I’m not sure why.  It is very frustrating.  Because there is nothing I can do.  She will eat random stuff and I can’t dog proof the whole house from her.

I still can’t get the new phone to connect with the camera so I think I will uninstall and then reinstall the app.  Nothing that they have suggested works.  The new phone seems to have a problem connecting via Bluetooth with a lot of things.  I still haven’t got it to connect to the car and it took a good hour or more before I could get it to connect with my speakers.  I haven’t tried my helmet yet.  I need to drag out the instructions.  It should be in my stowed gear.

I still have to finish my story.  I got most of it written yesterday before work but I had no energy to finish it once I got home.  I was going to do it before I did this but changed my mind.  I will do it once I finish this.  There is a lot I need to do today around here.  Chris was a jewel and kept up with dishes so I won’t have to day yesterday’s dishes today.  That being said I need to do laundry, wash the ceiling fan…. hmmm I wonder if Chris did as it’s not spitting dust bunnies anymore…. Vacuum and I want to try to clean the spots off the carpet from Stella.  I want to try to putter a bit in the garden as well.  The tomatoes are doing fabulously.  I see some green peppers coming in as well. (I will try to share photos if I can get everything paired again.)

Ok, I see by my word count that I have gone on a bit.  Sorry about that!  Thanks for reading all the way through!  As always stay safe!

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