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I am fascinated by the eclectic group of bloggers that I follow on here.  There is always such an amazing variety of things to read and learn about!  I only wish I had more time to read all of them.  Be that as it may I still read as many as I can everyday so thank ou to everyone for expanding my horizons!

Work is going well.  This is my second time working at a local grocery store.  My first was many many moons ago when I was still living with Mom after I first moved up here.  Not much has changed but it still takes some getting used to.  Things are a lot more lax than what I have been used to but I think it makes for a more comfortable working atmosphere.

I am mad at myself because I did not request my birthday off (a week from today) and now I am working.  I did not realize that it was so close.  One of the managers said that they would try to make my birthday as pleasant as possible.  Good grief… I just added up mu hours for next week.  I am going in the deep end of the pool.  Mind you I’ve not held a full time job in the real world for about three years now.  I am scheduled for 43 hours next week (I’m sure lunches will be deducted so figure atleast 40 ours).  I worked all weekend and then I only get Monday off then my next day off will be Saturday.  Sigh…

I have to remember to message Chris tonight around 4pm to remind him that he needs to feed the dogs.  I wrote everyone’s names on the canned food that way he knows who gets what.  Chris hasn’t fed them since Moose got on his new diet so I need to make sure that Moose gets the right food.

I did promise some photos last post so I will add those and then get gone.  I still need to write my story for class and hand that in.  With the shifts I am working it is going to be a struggle to keep up with classwork and the paper.  So I guess we will see.  Thanks for reading and stay safe!

ed. note   The new phone is not connecting with the camera and I don’t have the time to try to figure it out so no photos today.  Sorry! 😦

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